About Nissan Direct Injection

Pressure Control Valve Voltage on High Pressure Fuel Pump (Cas. Direct Injection System Nissan VQ25DD Engine)

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магнит муфты vq25dd.mp4

Заводим Nissan Cefiro в -30
Nissan Cefiro A33 - 1999 (VQ25DD) Масло Nissan 5w30 Аккум Panasonic 65Ач Бенз АИ98 На улице стояла с 21:30 до 9:30

Стоковая песня VQ25DD (выхлоп дайнпаймп)
Прогазовка Skyline v35 VQ25DD

Google Project 10^100 - Steam Combustion Engine
The ancient steam technology is getting a new life with modern electronics. The precise direct water injection system could improve vehicle thermal efficiency by 100%. The high speed, high pressure water injection system is controlled by advanced computer system and can be installed in existing vehicles under $500.