Terry's Nova on the chassis Dyno

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Bad Ass Nova
1100HP Big Block Nova

Big block Chevy Nova burnout - belt drive cog pulley system
Street legal 950HP BBC '72 Nova burns out in the street . This is a 496ci big block with a dual quad tunnel ram, fuel injection and a progressive Nitrous system. This motor has an electric water pump, 1" Millerspeed belt drive kit and vacuum pump. For more info please visit

Nova SS 454
THE Nova...dash and air cleaner made by THE =)

1974 chevy nova,
this is probably one of the saddest days of my life,,,, i just sold my 1974 chevrolet nova and this is basicly all i'll have to remember it by.. i bought this car with the intention of "overhaulin" the entire thing but basicly,,when i have the money,i don't have the time,,,and when i got the time, i don't have the money,,, so i decided that it would be best to pass it along to another guy,,,,, i truly hope and believe that the new owner will take good care of this car and make it the way that it deserves to be,,, this car is EXTREMELY SOLID and to find one this clean is hard to do around here.. i truly miss this car already and i only sold it 7 hours ago.before posting this.....this car had a mildly built 350 with a 400th trans,B@M quicksilver ratchet shifter and full posi rear,equal length headers, really nice heads, this car has NUTTS and i didn't even really mess with the motor at all ,,,, this car was really fun to drive,, i felt like i was back in time,, like dazed and confused,,, but hopefully i will see her again,, the guy i sold it to seemed like a cool cat,,so mabey he'll even send me photos as he fixes her up,, he said that he was a body and paint man and thats basicly all it needed was paint,,, so who knows,,, but neverthe less,,,i am sad,,, sure i got a few dollars,,,,, but i cannot put a price on the enjoyment that i have working on, customizing, driving, and showing off what my weeks,months and years of using my own two hands,freetime and dedication to create,,,, i will miss it for sure,,