Having SomeFun With A Big Block Stroker Ford Truck

Took a few vids of the truck in action. Its a 460 with a SCAT 513 stroker kit, Edelbrock CJ heads and crane roller cam. C-6 trans with 2500 stall and shift kit. Spooled rearend with 3:55 gears.

More Videos...

F100 cammed 460
74' f100 short bed, d3ve headed 460, comp 538 lift cam, all forged internals with flat top Pistons.

Black Widow 429
side shoe haystack "lil tire ruber smoke"

"Red Morning" with KC Mathieu
See what it's like to go on a morning errand with KC Mathieu in his 1968 Ford F100, aka Frankenstein Ford.

79 ford truck