2013 and 2014 Honda Pilot

Click on this link for the second part of the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0diNNZJlvrM

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Honda Pilot Touring 2013 Review
The Honda Pilot Touring 2014 will remain the same as the 2013 version. A look at what to expect with this 8-seater.

2013 Honda Pilot Auto Door Unlock Feature (All Doors Unlock) @DelaneyHonda
This video shows you how to change your auto door unlock option on a 2013 Honda Pilot so that when you put in into park, it unlocks all of your doors for you! It's a simple and quick fix so check it out. Please feel free to ask questions and comment. Thanks from all of us here @DelaneyHonda

2012 Honda Pilot EX-L Start Up, Engine, Quick tour
REALLY rushed un professional ranty tour that i didnt really want to upload anyways but i figured until i have time to do the full real deal in depth review of it this will suffice seeing i havent toured the car at all on this channel. for anyone looking to see a hybrid haul ass, check below.

2012 Honda Pilot Overview - Official Site.flv