Twin Turbo Mustang 1250WHP by Pressurized Solutions

Music: Meet the Monster (Death Race Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) by Paul Haslinger *****Visit Us At***** This is a project that was recently completed at Pressurized Solutions. A client came to them to have his stock Mustang cobra equipped with Pressurized Solutions new Stage 3 twin turbo kit. This car is built for the street and produces 1250 RWHP and maintains great drivability. The car is equipped with a 427 SBF fed by twin turbonetics T-76 turbos, ptc converter and trans, FAST engine management and an AMS-100.

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Daniel Pharris and his dual 102mm turbochargers hanging off his SN95 Ford Mustang roll into Southern Georgia to battle the best of the best in the radial world at LIGHTS OUT 7! Duck X productions invites those who think they are the fastest on a 26” radial! Through four rounds of qualifying, this high 3 second TT Mustang comes out swinging, and doesn’t stop until he reaches deep into the rounds! We couldn’t get enough of this beautiful car. Sporting a Fueltech EFI system, this car knows how to get down the race track in a hurry! —————————————————— Subscribe ► 1320Video Gear ► Facebook ► Instagram ► 1320Video ► Twitter ►

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After years of building my Mustang "Timmy 2V", it's finally up and running and -somewhat- presentable. Tons of hard work and help from many people has gone into this build and I can’t be any more happy about the “finished” product. The car was a bone stock GT other than aftermarket mufflers when I bought it at the age of 17. Unfortunately we’re in the middle of winter in Michigan so this walk-around video wasn’t too interesting, but I promise to post tons of videos of some racing in Mexico when spring arrives, especially when the Boost gets turned up. The car is currently making right around 490 hp to the wheels and nearly 530 torque as well on my "low Boost" tune. 10.1 pounds to be exact. I plan on doing many more “heavy modifications" to the car this winter so if that or this video interests you please comment below so I know if i should make any update videos! Thank you for watching the first video on my channel, they will only get better from here! Any advice or comments are greatly appreciated!