The ST3LTH Skyline has more horsepower than you'd ever need. Ordered by a UK-based rugby player, RIPS fabricated the engine in New Zealand More at This clip is from Jim Beam Performance Car TV, season 7, Episode 5

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RIPS Nissan Skyline tuners
Robbie Ward and RIPS build the meanest Nissan Skylines in the world. See some of RIPS project cars, where a 1000hp Skyline is just an everyday car. This clip is from Jim Beam Performance Car TV, episode 5. More at

RIPS Stealth bomber PCTV full feature
March 2008

Nissan Skyline - HUGE FLAMES + Police let him off!
Kampala Kustomz modified Nissan Skyline R33 This was quite a spectacle to behold! Whilst standing on Sloane Street, this R33 Nissan Skyline, with drove down and stopped by a few of us and started shooting flames. I would never have expected the flames to get as large as they did! Obviously, it's a very dangerous and silly thing to do on public roads. I don't want to get in to why the police let him go - something about them not being able to do anything or charge him for anything - as I'm not clued-up enough to make claims. But check out @kampalakustomz and @tal_singh on Instagram for more of this beast! Flickr: Tumblr:

[Midlands Performance] - Togethia - Building the Fastest Road Legal Skyline | Motors TV Documentary
[Midlands Performance] - Togethia - Building the Fastest Skyline | Documentary Togethia Media Services - -- We meet up with the wizards of NOS, to find out what it takes to build the worlds fastest road legal Nissan Skyline. --- Audio -- ► WARDS - The Sun : ► LBCK - Give & Take : ► Ithaca Audio - Submergeds : ►Cloudkicker - One, Many :‎ ► Jacoo - On A Sunday Morning : ► Cloudkicker - Tmesis :‎ ► Cloudkicker - The Word Water :‎ ► Cloudkicker - You and Yours :‎ ► Rob Gasser & Blend - Exhale : ► Fractal - Elements : ► Mitchell Claxton - Wuxia : ► Kevin McCloud - Constance ► Muzzy - Timberwolf : ► Cloudkicker - Covington :‎ ► Cloudkicker - Avalanche :‎ ● Our Music Partner : ● EDM Promoter : -- Filmed - Peter Farrow, James Young, Mark Henderson, Tim Fare-Matthews Edited - Tim F.Matthews Directed and Produced - Tim F.Matthews Pete Farrow Narrated by: Gemma Watson Follow/Subscribe to us on Facebook: ● Follow us on Twitter: ● Subscribe to us on Youtube: ● and finally check out our blog! ●