Idiot With Mercedes Get Instant Karma From A Truck

Seems a mafia parade with 3 Mercedes in a row doing the same infraction. I predict bad times for the truck driver...

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Impatient Audi Driver - Instant Karma
► Buy the RoadCams Dashcam: ► Or subscribe for daily dashcam videos: An Audi driver attempts to overtake a large truck, but finds himself face to face with a cop. ---* This video is being posted strictly for its educational value. This is in no means intended to be violent. Watch people make mistakes on the road, so hopefully you won't. Watch, learn, and drive safe. *--- Social Media: Facebook: Twitter:

Instant Karma for Angry Driver
Man steps out of his car to argue with another driver, and got lock out of is car.

Man Tries to Slash Tire, Instant Karma
Two guys try to extort money from a truck driver for a protection fee. When the driver won't pay up, they tried to slash his tire then... you gotta see it to believe it! Off the Great Wall has moved to a new channel! Be sure to subscribe to Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Google Plus: Follow Carmen: @CarmenOTGW

Idiot in carpark with Karma
What a knob to drive like this behind a Police car. Oh and they are pinging him for flipping me the bird as well...... Hey Wanker i get the last laugh. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA