VW Rabbit pickup caddy 1.6 n/a diesel with TDI Turbo pretty fast

This is a stock 1.6l vw rabbit diesel with a www,hansdiesel,com turbo, adnoid injector pump, kit and a tubing kit from ebay. 2.25 straight pipe Exhaust. Pulls at least 13lbs of Boost. Could do more if I adjusted waste gate. but I want it to last for a while. I Couldnt accelerate hard in first because of debris in the road. Usually burns tires through first and second.

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turbo diesel rabbit pickup project start to finish
Buy a bigger one and give the Arabic countries that hate us all your money.....NOT. Have fun making somthing that gets incrediable MPG and still go fast. 37-45 mpg tuned to go pretty fast. If you want to save even more money you can easily adjust the fuel screw and get over 50. and go 65-70 with the A/c blowing cold.

Fast 82 VW Rabbit Pickup Turbo Deisel
This is the rabbit I currently have on listed on eBay. Engine custom built by us here at TJ customs performance shop. The turbo is a custom built GARRETT ball bearing that I had built to my specs.

rabbit pickup diesel caddy 1.9 N/A with TDI turbo Pretty fast No adenoid
N/A 1.9 diesel with TDI turbo added. Still has stock N/A pump. No adenoid My old 1600 block cracked from a blown water hose. The early 1600 and 1500 have bad blocks and crack at the bolt holes. The 1.9l comes with the vent holes and same compression ratio as the TD model. Just bolt on a turbo from Hansdiesel.com the stock turbo for the 1.9l td is too big. The smaller TDI turbo gives more Boost faster than the 1.9 producing more power at the bottom end. punch it in 1st no clutch and it will break the tires loose.

1981 VW RABBIT CADDY PICKUP TRUCK turbo DIESEL 1/2 TON 5 SPEED VNT15 BALL BEARING HUMMINGBIRD 2WD This truck just got a new clutch and is in great running condition with good tires. It is currently for sale on ebay