Lamborghini Replica kit car first drive

Finally after 6 years, the car was in a condition to drive out of the garage on its own steam! I was accompanied by my 3 year old daughter Abigail. No fast driving here but the short drive confirmed all the mechanicals like motor, suspension, electricals, steering and brakes all worked flawlessly. My next step is bolting on the bodywork and installing the doors. I will obviously be driving it every weekend up and down the road just to confirm everything is still working :-)

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Mini Gol GV Beto Carrero.wmv
Mini Gol GV no Extreme Show Beto Carrero...

Supercar Best ever Lamborgini replica
Supercar Lamborgini replica producing 700 horse power and beautifully converted water tower both amazing work by one man

Lamborghini Countach with a FLAME-Kit!
Facebook: Here is Kream Developments' new addition to their fleet; a Lamborghini Countach! It is a replica on a chassis made by Lee Noble, with a Jaguar V12 engine. Additionally, it has straight-pipes and Kream Developments' famous flame-on kit! As part of the Piccadilly Boy Racers, you can see it cruising through London, popping flames and drawing a HUGE crowd! Follow @kreamdevelopments on Instagram! Flickr: Tumblr:

locost kitcar
STAGE ONE ... The Chassis Welcome to my Roadster build, or how to build a kit car project. :) Building a Kitcar has always been an ambition of mine ever since a was in my early twenties, so a few months ago I though...nows the tme. A few of us have builds going on, all started at the same time, the plan is next May to go on a road trip to Spain (better get AA cover :). Anyhoo... The Chassis is designed around a mixture of existing kits, but is wider longer and higher than is currently available. The intention is to mage a GT (grand tourer) rather than a race spec 7. So follow me through the build and we will see how it all turns out. One thing I'm really happy with is the below tunnel surface handbrake, I was at a show recently and all the '7' drivers had their left elbow held high due to the hanbrake being in the way, so I thought...looks I redesigned this to sit below the transmission tunnel ;) oh!!! to get an idea of the width, the seats come from a Smartcar Roadster, and will eventually be retrimmed, The engine is a Ford Mondeo Zetec 16V mated to a Type 9 gearbox, The original fuel injection system has been junked and replaced with GSXR750 throttle bodies mounted to a Fenspeed custom manifold, the steel is 30x30 ERW 16 gauge, and the welder is 185A running Argoshield. Any questions I can help with...just Ask Stage two will start in a few weeks and will be posted in the new year but this yime by updates. Vrooom!!!!! Grrrr... ;)