Lamborghini Replica kit car first drive

Finally after 6 years, the car was in a condition to drive out of the garage on its own steam! I was accompanied by my 3 year old daughter Abigail. No fast driving here but the short drive confirmed all the mechanicals like motor, suspension, electricals, steering and brakes all worked flawlessly. My next step is bolting on the bodywork and installing the doors. I will obviously be driving it every weekend up and down the road just to confirm everything is still working :-)

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Lamborghini Replica Kit Car - Skid pan day, Drifting and Spins
Awesome drifts and spins at the Zwartkops raceway in Zwartkops South Africa with a replica Lamborghini Countach. The car is now complete and registered. Done about 600km with it and the first stop is of course a race track! We took a lot of cars on the day including BMW 335, 5 series, GTI, A6, 1M, S2000, TT and a Z4 amongst others! Had an awesome day doing brake tests, head to head and lots of spinning... Videos taken in full HD using GoPro with additional footage shot using Nokia Lumia and iPhone. Thanks to Olaf Wagner for the use of his GoPro camera as well as for the (fantastic) music and editing. Awesome job!

Lamborghini Countach with a FLAME-Kit!
Facebook: Here is Kream Developments' new addition to their fleet; a Lamborghini Countach! It is a replica on a chassis made by Lee Noble, with a Jaguar V12 engine. Additionally, it has straight-pipes and Kream Developments' famous flame-on kit! As part of the Piccadilly Boy Racers, you can see it cruising through London, popping flames and drawing a HUGE crowd! Follow @kreamdevelopments on Instagram! Flickr: Tumblr:

Lamborghini Enthusiast Builds Own Replica
In a small town in Sweden, one man has been quietly working away for years 20 years building his dream car. Stig Nilsson realized that he would never be able to afford a 400-horse power Italian sports car. [Stig Nilsson, Lamborghini owner]: The biggest obstacle has been having a lot of other stuff to do. I had to try and change things many times only to through them away. Time has not been on my side either, otherwise I would have finished 10 years earlier. For the last two decades Stig has spent his weekends and almost all his spare time in his garage working on his car. Stig got the idea when he was a teenager, from a man who built a Ferrari. [Stig Nilsson, Lamborghini owner]: I dont remember the name of the town where he lived, but during the sixties he built Ferrari replicas. At that time I was about 15 years old and got the idea to make my own. With parts from a junkyard and an engine from a wrecked Saab turbo, Stig built his dream car, a Lamborghini Countach. [Stig Nilsson, Lamborghini owner]: I bought two Saab 900 wrecks and picked parts from them. Some parts are from the junkyard from different car brands and put together. Mercedes, Fiat, Volvo, and Audi. So with a dream, 10,000 Euros and hundreds of weekends in your garage and the dream car is yours. Johan Samuelsson NTDTV,Malmö, Sweden

Lamborghini Murcielago Replica Kit Car only $19,500
Hey Everyone, I already sold the car, but stay around. I also just created a documentary on how to become wealthy. You can watch it for free here on youtube at the link below. 2005 Black on Black Lamborghini Murcielago Replica Roadster. Now only $19,500. Located in Avondale, Arizona. I am selling one of my Lamborghini replicas because I have two and barely have time to drive either of them. Built by Triangle G in Los Angeles in 2004 for around $50k. 1985 Pontiac Fiero engine. Runs very well. It has been barely driven. Odometer and newly updated title reads 300 miles. I recently had $6,000 worth of work done on the car (receipts). I don't like selling used stuff unless it works perfectly. This car is ready to be driven and loved. Car has 17" Axis rims.....