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Model Police Car w/ Working LED Lights

A 1/18th scale police car with working LED lights.


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Secret Service and NYPD Unmarked Police Vehicles
New York Police Department (NYPD) and United States Secret Service (USSS) vehicles in the vicinity of Ground Zero during the presidential visit of Barack Hussein Obama to celebrate the death of Osama Bin Laden. Forward flashing blue lights distinguish the USSS vehicles from the NYPD vehicles which only use red and white forward flashing lights. However, some federal law enforcement vehicles in NYC, including USSS vehicles, run with forward-facing red lights only. Manhattan, New York, New York, USA. 05.2011

1:10 RC Oregon State Police car
Protoform Charger 1:10 scale body on Tamiya chassis.

Made by Dickie toys for Tesco in the UK this rapid reaction set die cast and plastic is amazing. On sale with world shipping at : http://stores.ebay.co.uk/mgtracey THIS AMAZING SET AT A SPECIAL PRICE ON AMAZON NOW :http://amzn.to/10JrLiz OTHER TONKA TOYS : http://amzn.to/Vs29BH

NYPD Police Cars Responding (collection)
Sit back and enjoy! Several clips of New York Police Department vans, cars and an Emergency Services Unit REP Truck responding to emergencies in Manhattan. You have to love the Rumbler sirens! Manhattan, New York, New York, USA. 01 + 03.2012

1/18 Massachusetts State Police undercover car w/ lights
Replica of a Mass State Police car with working lights

BMW M3 E92 2008 - LED modification - Modell-Lichtsysteme
Copyright by Modell-Lichtsysteme Full Light Packet in a Kyosho BMW M3 E92 Model Car

1/18 scale diecast police car LED lights
This is a 1/18 scale diecast police car with a 10 LED kit installed. It was a first attempt but came out pretty good.

Diecast police car Working lights
EMAIL: ppfua@shaw.ca for info Car price: $385CAD Diecast police car Working lights 1:18 scale

Sam's POLICE Car Model Collection by Andy Vonn AKVonn
A collection that is cherished & enjoyed by Sam. A young gentleman appreciative of his models. CHECK THEM OUT, SPECTACULAR !! Something for Xmas!! His marked Police cars were supplied to me for modification, with 6 six LED s in the roof bar for maximum effect. Unmarked pursuit vehicles were fitted out to a specific design. All have batteries 9 volt installed in the boot, again by custom order. Preferred method is with 240 volt power pack & off board switches, so model never needs to be touched.

You can see current LED Cars and the TLU unit at: http://www.ontracks.co.uk/index.php?page=search_results&string=TAM58393+TAM 58390+TAM58388+TAM58386+TAM58385+TAM58382+TAM57770+TAM57767+TAM57766+TAM577 65+TAM57793+TAMS53909+TAMS53937&clearBrandFilter=yes The Tamiya LED Light Control Unit TLU-02 enables various light effects when used with separately available Tamiya LED lights and LED Light Unit (TLU-01). The unit enhances overall appearance and realism of your electric radio control touring car. A total of 16 sets (32 lights) of LED Lights can be lit up by connecting two TLU-01 units. Set-up is similar to an ESC, and is simple to understand even for beginners. *Requires transmitter, battery, TLU-01 unit and LED lights (not included). Main light effects *Select headlights, position and fog lights to reproduce realistic evening and night driving. *Brake, backup lights and blinkers can be activated according to transmitter operation. *Hazard lights flash after car stops. *Realistic passing lights. *Lights flash during acceleration. *Siren-like LED Lights. *Unidirectional flashing of 8 LED Lights. *Back and forth flashing of 8 LED Lights.

Police Action 6 fully lit 1 18th Australian Police model cars. Sam's complete collection by AKVonn
Six 6 LED modified 1 18th Australian Police model cars. Sam's complete collection by AKVonn. All these models are masterfully built. Bonetts, boots, doors all open & close as they should like new. The wiring harness is only visible in tne engine bay & all the original models detail is retained. I have now built & sold 21 of these. Sam's cars are wired by 9 volt battery with switches under the boot, by special order. Andy Vonn's preferred method is an inline switch & 240 volt supply, so models can be displayed in a cabinet, & not touched. Globes are good for 10 years (states manufacturer).

Three 1:18 Scale Model Police Cars with LEDS
Audi A4 Falcon Ba Commodore HSV Police cars

1/18 CSI Miami Hummer Custom Model Police Car SUV W/ Lights
1/18 Custom!

Model Police Car with LED Lights and Siren 1/27 scale
Haven't done a model in several years but been wanting to do a model police car for a while. Finally completed it and it came out pretty good. Other video with siren on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GUHfutKVf08

1/18 2 Glen Cove New York Police Car Custom Model Cars W/ Lights Charger + Ford Crown Vic
Another great project!! These were fun to build and they look great!! Enjoy Dave!!!

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