in collaboration with Switzer Performance Innovation, we are now able to offer you a 500whp intro package. On our Mustang Dyno, a stock GTR reads ~370whp..with this package, we are able to extract an additional 130whp yielding a solid 500whp... please contact us to at for more information. or visit us on

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Nissan GT-R Switzer P600 Extremely FAST Acceleration! (1080p Full HD)
This Nissan GT-R Switzer P600 has got 618HP and 750NM! What a beast! Video includes the GT-R Switzer P600 arriving at the event and then leaving with an extremely fast acceleration! What a power and sound! We love this Nissan GT-R Switzer P600, and you? Comment below! SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE CAR VIDEOS: Become a fan on Facebook now! Get exclusive previews and the latest news related to our channel! 'Like' our Facebook page! We are part of the Supercar Scene Team: TWITTER:!/JWTCarChannel INSTAGRAM; FLICKR PAGE: Please let us know what you think of the video and click that 'thumbs up' button! (: Thanks for watching! Cheers, Jeroen and Wietse

Being Switzer Performance's exclusive dealer in the UAE, Panda Perfomance in Dubai built and tuned this beautiful GTR! Equipped with Switzer's P800 kit, Exhaust system, Cooling package and Panda Performance's Stage II brakes upgrade..this GTR has it all: power, reliability, drivability and safety!!! This car put down 670whp on our Mustang Dyno where a stock GTR lays down 365whp..!! The P800 has proven its grounds over the past couple of years to be the best out of the box package that has everything you need to run 800 horses reliably!! Thanks again Switzer for great parts at great prices... for more information on this and many other interesting builds, please visit our facebook page at: or email us at:

Panda Performance Dubai built 2012 SWITZER Performance GTR R1K
Here is a small demo of what the R1K is capable of, Pump gas, only 21psi and 765whp.. the car later made 812whp on 24psi and pump gas!! for more information please visit

Switzer P800 GTR- Built and Tuned by PANDA PERFORMANCE-Dubai
Being the UAE's Switzer Performance exclusive dealer, we can now offer a true 800+bhp package for the R35 GTR. On our Mustang Dyno, a stock GTR reads ~370whp..with this package, we are able to extract an additional 300+whp yielding a solid 674whp and a neck shattering 595ft.lbs of torque! This complete turnkey package offers stock like drivability and reliability! please contact us at for more information. or visit us on or contact