in collaboration with Switzer Performance Innovation, we are now able to offer you a 500whp intro package. On our Mustang Dyno, a stock GTR reads ~370whp..with this package, we are able to extract an additional 130whp yielding a solid 500whp... please contact us to at for more information. or visit us on

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MC-Performance's HKS GTR R35 800+HP Dyno
WATCH IN HD ........ Another beast built and tuned in Jeddah , Saudi Arabia @ MC-performance.. HKS Pistons,rods,cams and HKS GT800 Twin turbo kit , HKS 600 Exhaust kit... SD Tuned by Husam Tayib using Cobb AP..

Being Switzer Performance's exclusive dealer in the UAE, Panda Perfomance in Dubai built and tuned this beautiful GTR! Equipped with Switzer's P800 kit, Exhaust system, Cooling package and Panda Performance's Stage II brakes upgrade..this GTR has it all: power, reliability, drivability and safety!!! This car put down 670whp on our Mustang Dyno where a stock GTR lays down 365whp..!! The P800 has proven its grounds over the past couple of years to be the best out of the box package that has everything you need to run 800 horses reliably!! Thanks again Switzer for great parts at great prices... for more information on this and many other interesting builds, please visit our facebook page at: or email us at:

Panda Performance Dubai built 2012 SWITZER Performance GTR R1K
Here is a small demo of what the R1K is capable of, Pump gas, only 21psi and 765whp.. the car later made 812whp on 24psi and pump gas!! for more information please visit

PANDA PERFORMANCE DUBAI built and tuned Bolt Ons R35 GTR- 522whp/530wtrq
here is another nicely put together GTR, This car has the following mods: 1) Test Pipe 2) Midpipe and Catback 3) HKS hardpipe kit/BOV kit 4) HKS Intakes 5) ID 1000cc Injectors The car made 438whp/442wtrq on the Cobb OTS stage 2 map, and after a custom tune the car made 522whp/530wtrq on a conservative everyday tune...that is an increase of 84whp and 88wtrq!! For information about this and other interesting builds, please visit our facebook page on or email us on Thanks for looking!!