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(My Love & Pride) The Africa They Never Show You.
(My Love & Pride) The Africa They Never Show You. The artist in me cannot help but create & express myself. So I decided to combine my passion for ART & MUSIC to express the love, pride and respect that I have for Mama Africa. I hope that everyone who decides to view or share the video will also show love & respect for Africa & its awesome diversity of beautiful people. Kind Request: Keep it PEACEFUL. The idea is to promote integration & encourage UNITY & ONENESS. I also came across a comment/response on this video that someone had made showing the beauty of the African continent as a whole. I really loved this profound words and so I am going to share that response with everyone. It reads; "It will be a beautiful day when Africans learn to respect and care for each other as they so emphatically like to care for foreigners. Then maybe, we can actually start to take care of each other and the millions of Africans scattered all over the globe, rather than always depending on people outside the continent to help us." By Awahyaase I love it!!! New Era On Architecture http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ckP2Uq7qPU Songs: 1. Selisona Pi 2. Antissa Lo Nyambok (Enigmaress). Peace, Love & Blessings To All. Copyrighted Material © 2009, Loreen Nyambok

Welcome to Lagos Africa's very own big apple, a vibrant mega-city whose pulse is felt as wide as its influence reaches, a discovery of opportunities at the heart of Africa.

Witness - Street Life in Lagos
Searching for a better life, many immigrants are struggling to survive in the world's fastest growing megacity.

Nigerian Airforce