World's Fastest 4x4 Drag Truck Almost Crashes at Brainerd

Miss Misery almost wrecks in this qualifying attempt at the Battle of the States outlaw race. Bobby Dodrill nearly loses it after the truck spins the tires violently off the line and then down track. Bobby got the world's fasted 4x4 truck very sidways, but was able to recover to avoid a serious accident. His next run wouldn't be so lucky, but we did not capture the horrific crash he suffered.

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Bobby's 4x4 truck
ORSCA 10.5 OUTLAW 4.99 pass

Bobby Dodrill is Officially the Worlds FASTEST AWD TRUCK!!! His Chevy truck is powered by a 543 Cid Keith Black Olds block with 18 degree solid heads, PSI C Rotor Supercharger, Bruno/Liberty transmission, SCS transfer case on Radials and is tuned by Roger Olander. Hes also got a HUGE list of sponsors on board to help move this origional and rare combo down the 1/8thmile. Ross Pistons, JW TRANSMISSION, Moser Engineering, SCE gaskets, Outlaw Racing Fuels, Edelbrock Quik Data, Racing Radio's, Firecore 50 plug wires, Hedman Hedders, Extreme Body Skins, Eagle Finishes. Crew Lisa Dodrill Chris Webber Deidre Webber Richard Tompkins All footage pulled straight from the Official Event DVD Available at

Miss Misery
Testing for the show Trucks.

4 X 4 truck OUTLAW 10.5 Drag Racing
This is a 4 X 4 Blow truck that is drag racing. Something you do not see every day. Enjoy