road rage in Russia caught on dash cam

fistfight between 2 drivers. Recorded on car dashcam. I don't think fights like this will affect your car insurance rates, however you may need a good car accident lawyer for this claim. Hope this little guy makes a complete recovery after this treatment. драка на дороге но видео регистратор. Кулачный бой двух водителей. Месть водилы.

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violent road rage assault with baseball bats and car ramming in China HD
it only gets better,so make sure to watch till the end. Time to call your travel agent and book a trip to Thailand or china. I hope this person in the car gets a good car or personal injury attorney/lawyer and their car insurance does not go up. This is one rough treatment, after this all that driver can do is donate his car and make a complete recovery. драка на дороге но видео регистратор. Авария на дороге, лобовуха. Мочилово бейсбольной битой. Whoever is in that car should start looking for a good personal injury lawyer..

Best Russian Road Rage - Car Fights And Accidents In Russia - Compilation
Please Subscribe, Like, and Comment! These are some of the best Russian Road Rage, made into a compilation! These are recorded by dashcams in Russia. These crazy dudes, fights, and kicks eachother for a rough beat down!

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Road Rage and Fights Dashcam - Compilation
Rage on Roads, fights caught on camera. No deaths and fatal. Road rage is aggressive or angry behavior by a driver of an automobile or other road vehicle. Such behavior might include rude gestures, verbal insults, deliberately driving in an unsafe or threatening manner, or making threats. Road rage can lead to altercations, assaults, and collisions that result in injuries and even deaths. It can be thought of as an extreme case of aggressive driving. Manifestation Clogged streets in Bangkok The following are common manifestations of road rage: Generally aggressive driving, including sudden acceleration, braking, and close tailgating Cutting others off in a lane, or deliberately preventing someone from merging Chasing other motorists Flashing lights and/or sounding the horn excessively Yelling or exhibiting disruptive behavior at roadside establishments Driving at high speeds in the median of a highway to terrify drivers in both lanes Rude gestures (such as "the finger") Shouting verbal abuses or threats Intentionally causing a collision between vehicles Hitting other vehicles Assaulting other motorists, their passengers, cyclists, or pedestrians Exiting the car to attempt to start confrontations, including striking other vehicles with an object Threatening to use or using a firearm or other deadly weapon Throwing projectiles from a moving vehicle with the intent of damaging other vehicles