How to Find out your keypad door code for a Ford Explorer 1998 XLT

This Video is to help you to find the code of your keypad door, so you dont have to take it to the dealer and paid a big ammount of money for something is very simple. To find your code you have to go to your trunk on the driver side is a comparment to place your jack, inside of that comparment you will see a control module this control your keypad on the side of that control is a white sticker and big number bold print, this is the code of your keypad to open your door another solution is on the manual of the truck. good luck and please comment.

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Locating Factory Key less Entry Door Code on 2008 Ford Explorer (Eddie Bauer) Mercury Mountaineer
Questions? Here is where I found my factory door code on my 2008 Ford Explorer. There was no module in the rear right pillar panel, and no white stickers located anywhere with the code printed. If you are not having luck finding your code here is one place you can try and look.

Ford Quick Tips: #40 Programming a Personal Keyless Entry Code
The factory permanent code is also stamped into the containing module whether it be the drivers door module, vehicle security module or most commonly the general electronic module/ Smart Junction Box. In this video I show you how to do this basic task. The owners manual also describes the procedure but for those that have lost it or learn better with a visual I present this tutorial.

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I will bypass a ford door lock

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2003-2006 . Save money! Sorry for portrait view. HD though. Although you would have to already be able to get into the car, this finding should only be used by the owner of the vehicle! No unlawful purposes!