les dejo estas imagenes de la chevy colorado 2011 vs la ranger 2011 espero y comenten cual es la mejor DERECHOS RESERVADOS DE WWW.PICKUPTRUCKS.COM

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Chevrolet Colorado is better than Ford Ranger- Jacksonville, IL 62650 Billy McDade 217 320 5035
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Chevy vs. Ford HD Truck - Bed Bend Video
Watch a video that shows the difference in bed and frame twist strength in the new Chevy and Ford HD pickup trucks.for

Chevy vrs Ford 4x4
all new 2007 chevy silverado vrs F150 4x4 triton 5.4 vs vortecmax 6.0 4x4

Head2Head #95 Ford WILDTRAK vs Chevrolet COLORADO Z71
Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the macho-looking yet handsome double cab ever made by Ford and Chevrolet. I believe both of them will seduce you to ride with them. Wildtrak comes with bigger power plant with 5 cylinder but although Z71 got less volume, Z71 could deliver power similar to Wildtrak and with richer torque. In Thailand, Colorado had the species which may differ from the one displayed here. Which one will make you more macho? You decide. As always, the data presented herein was taken from the information available publicly and may subject to change without prior notice due to marketing strategy of car manufacturer. The specs may differ by country. Enjoy and have a safe macho driving!!! You can follow us also on the following social media link : Facebook : Twitter : Google+: