Mercedes Benz Carlsson SL 55 RS AMG Donut

Nice Sound en Donut. Vet geluid en rook.

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PRUEBA DE ESTOS DOS FANTASTICOS MERCEDES... PREPARADOS POR AMG Y CARLSSON Mercedes SL55 AMG vs Hartge M6 Cabrio Exteriour Supercar Shootout 3 in Sweden. Mercedes SL55 AMG vs Hartge BMW M6 Convertible 50-270 km/h rollling start from 50 km/h. DVD2 and DVD1 from Supercar Shhooutout I and II:

Abu Dhabi Mercedes Benz SL 63 Carlsson
An SL63 by Carlsson in Abu Dhabi.First time ever seeing a Mercedes SL by Carlsson.I do apologize for the meagre video quality as the time was around sunset when I filmed it .I decided to post the video as it is a very rare and an expensive car worth around 1.5 million Dirhams .

Mercedes SL 55 Burnout / Donut Attempt
It's more difficult than I thought it would be...but it def. makes a lot of fun!