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CLICK THIS NEW LINK BELOW FOR A NEW HD BREAKIN VIDEO - How to breakin an engine using motoman hard break in style. For newly purchased motorcycle/car or newly installed cylinder block or rebore block, This is an example of engine hard breakin procedure as per motoman mototuneusa break in method. step1: warmup the engine for about 5-10minutes on idle step2: go outside your city and do the quick acceleration and deceleration step3: use all your gears step4: rev it hard but dont let the throttle steady on the same speed, always play with your throttle step5: After 50kms of hardbreakin, change oil and change the oil filter (a must) step6: hardbreakin again for the next 500kms step7: change oil after 250kms step8: hardbreakin again step9:changeoil and change oilfilter step10: hardbreakin step11:changeoil after 1000kms and change oil filter step12: enjoy your fast bike!!! Lastly Do this at your own risk! :-)

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Motorcycle Hard Break-in Method
This is a video on how to do a hard break-in on a motorcycle or any other vehicle with an internal combustion engine. This is a modified version of MotoMan's hard break-in that I found here: *************************************************************************** * Here is the list of tach percentages that you should be aiming for- 2-10 miles upto 30% rpms of normal TAC. 11-20 miles upto 40% rpms of normal TAC 21-30 miles upto 45% rpms of normal TAC 31-40 miles upto 55% rpms of normal TAC 41-50 miles upto 60% rpms of normal TAC - oil and filter change - 51-60 miles upto 65% rpms of normal TAC 61-70 miles upto 70% rpms of normal TAC 71-80 miles upto 80% rpms of normal TAC 81-90 miles upto 90% rpms of normal TAC 91-250 miles upto about 93% rpms of normal TAC 251-600miles about 95% rpms of normal TAC - oil change - *************************************************************************** * The intro song is "The Mars Volta - Drunkship of Lanterns" and I do not own the rights to the music.

Motorcycle Myths Series - Part 5, Engine Break-In
Part of my motorcycle myths series where I discuss everything you've always wanted to know about bikes--things other people told you that were wrong. *You can reach me here:* *You can mail things to me here:* Dodge Rider 10030 Green Level Church Rd Suite 802 - Box 1082 Cary, NC 27519 Here is my Audio/Video recording setup: Videos are rendered with Adobe Premiere. Yes, I do add some color saturation and contrast in processing. Below are affiliate links to all of the gear and bike products you see in my videos. 2015 KTM Super Duke R Mods/Accessories: 2015 TomTomRider GPS: Smaller ABS Sensor Rings to fix speedometer R&G Radiator Guard: R&G Sidestand Foot: Akrapovic Slip-On: Remus Cat-Delete 2015 Honda Grom Mods/Accessories: Takegawa 143cc Big Bore Takegawa Cam Takegawa Clutch Springs Takegawa High Flow Oil Pump Takegawa Ficon2 Fuel Tuner Two Brothers Racing S1R Full Exhaust: Renthal 7/8 Handlebars CB1000R Mirrors: 7" LED 36W Lightbar headlight: Radiator Hose Intake Mod Riding Gear: Gloves: Helmet: Boots: Pants: Rev'It Enterprise 2 Rev'It Jacket: Leather Suit: Bluetooth Headset: Camera: Bluetooth Microphone:

New Motorcycle HARD Break in Vs SOFT Break in? | Moto Vlog
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front brake use demonstration
proper use of the front brake on a sport bike