PlastiDip on Rims - New Brake Masking System!

Fonzie from shows you a NEW and EASY way to dip your wheels while they are still on the car! Peel Coat

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How to Clean Plasti Dipped Wheels - Brake Dust Pro
Buy BrakeDust Pro here: Fonzie from shows you the best way to clean plasti dipped wheels no touching, no scrubbing, no wheel brush. Using the new Brake Dust Pro. BrakeDust Pro is a DipYourCar Trademark, product manufactured and developed by PKH, LLC.

GunMetal Gray Plasti Dip - Wheels and Rims -
DipYourCar Wheel kits purchased here: Fonzie from shows you the new GunMetal Gray Plasti Dip in a spraycan on his S4 wheels. How to and what the color looks like. Peel Coat

Plasti Dip Your Wheels - The Complete Guide
DYC Wheel Kits Here: How to Plasti Dip your rims, the step by step tutorial by Fonzie at using the DYC Wheel Kits and Graphite Metalizer from PD

PlastiDip LAYERING Technique! How to by
Full tutorial on how to layer one color of PlastiDip over another! Fonzie at shows you how. PlastiDip at the cheapest Prices -