PlastiDip on Rims - New Brake Masking System!

Buy these products here: Fonzie from shows you a NEW and EASY way to dip your wheels while they are still on the car! Peel Coat

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How to Remove Thin Plasti Dip - Nothing Works Faster
► Get Dip Dissolver here - ► Plasti Dip Peeling Comparison video - If Plasti Dip is too thin to peel, it can be very difficult to remove. Dip Dissolver has been the fastest and safest way to remove thin Plasti Dip. Proven over the years, nothing works better. Here's what to do if you need to remove thin, stubborn, dried on Plasti Dip. Fonzie's Vlog Channel - Follow Fonzie on Instagram! - Follow DYC on Facebook! - Follow DYC on Instagram! - Follow DYC on Twitter! - is world famous for peelable car and wheel paint. You can change the color of any part of your car by yourself! A do-it-yourself product that you can use at home and is totally affordable. Contact if you have any questions about DipYourCar or Plasti Dip Products. Spray and paint your wheels, your car, your emblems, your trim - basically anything. Peel it off and go back to the original color when you are ready. Durable, easy to clean and maintain, dipping your car is something almost anyone can do!

How To Plasti Dip Your Rims (THE RIGHT WAY)
Some people may have different ways to plasti dip their rims, good for them. Just showing you guys how I plasti dip my rims, and how I get the results I get. You can see all of my work on my instagram - Thank you for watching!

Plasti Dip vs. Autodip : Which Should You Use?
Plasti Dip? Autodip? What are they, what makes them different from each other, and why do people use them on their cars? We go over all the details in this little comparison of these two products. Hope you all enjoyed the video and thanks for watching! Don't forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE! Have a great day! Follow me on social media for the inside scoop! FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: @TreatsOnTheStreets

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