Motorcycle Modified for a Paraplegic

This video explains how I modified my motorcycle to ride after being paralyzed from the chest down.

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Paralysed Motorcyclist
Six years after being paralysed in a motorcycle accident I get back on one. See how a few adaptations allow a T4/5 complete to ride a Suzuki GSXR1000 K6.

My First R1 Ride with Stabilisers T5 Paraplegic
This is my first trip out on my R1, after I came off a FZR 600 13years ago and broke my back, neck and a few other things. Upgraded the mini moto in for something bigger. T5 Para.

Ultimate Street Machine (Wheelchair Motorcycle)
Dude in a wheelchair demonstrates using ultimate handmade wheelchair motorcycling solution. Would cost over $35k to replicate! 2001 Harley Road Glide. FLTRI 1450 cc. With costom rear end built to hold anything from a wheelchair to all you need for a trip across the country! Features: Convenience and comfort Package. includes: Locking trunk w mechanical-arm Vented Lower leg fairings (allows max breeze, while minimizing bugs and road dirt on your legs. Also have large storage pockets that snap closed. Great for "meds" wallet, phone, etc. Harley Air-Zeppelin seat. (electronic, has individually-controlled air chambers you can fill and empty to shift your weight around while driving.) Great for pressure relief! Has removable backrest. Chrome Handles for passenger, (great help for transfering!) See video. Harley stereo receiver serves as central receiver for: mp3 player, Sirius Satellite Radio, and gps. (actual gps unit is missing) But the bike is wired for another one. Speakers in trunk lid. (Makes funny whirring sound.) IDK, why. I haven't looked into it. After riding a while, I ceased to care much about the radio. The ride is the thrill! Chrome and rubber ergonomically shaped hand grips, are comfortable all day. Reverse: You simply stick bike in neutral, click on reverse motor, let off the brake, ease off clutch, give a little gas, and go backwards. It's awesome! Air-shifter, w thumb button control. (You effortlessly shift up and down w your left thumb.) Front and rear brakes integrated into right hand brake. (You squeeze w your right hand to slow down bike.) Heel rails and bungee cords hold my feet firmly and comfortably to pedals. Superior Visibility package. includes: extra turn-signals on mirrors, and on headlight cover. Lizard lights. (Neon lights illuminate engine) not legal everywhere. 2 sets! Tucked up outta sight, so just their glow illuminates the engine and bike! 7 colors, they can remain on constantly in color of your choice, or flash one color, or thru all colors at the exact speed you select w a fader knob! Anything that can be chromed, pretty much has been! It's sweet, and road ready. It's in Chicago stored indoors. First $15k takes it!

Paraplegic Riding a Motorcycle Again
This video shows how I ride my modified Kawasaki. (filmed with a GoPro HD) I was paralyzed from the chest down in September 2009. (sorry for the shaky camera!)