Dsm Plymouth laser FWD 145mph pull

Basic bolt ons dsm link. Bolt-on PTE 3071r. 1450cc injectors. Stock long block, stock cams.

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fwd laser
evolution of my dsm.... also mad shot out to ebay... car wouldnt be what is today without it

1998 Eagle Talon Tsi awd auto street pull
Rolling start to 100 mph. 100% stock engine internals, original 7-bolt, FP 3582HTA, FuelLab fpr and fuel filter, Aeromotive 340 LPH stealth pump, 1050cc injectors, custom fmic and intake piping, DSM Link v3, e85. Transmission is all stock except for a Precision Industries 3,300 stall torque converter and the TCU has been reprogrammed.

Dsm Plymouth laser 25-130mph pull [HD]
20lbs. E50mix. Bolt-on 3071r stock longblock

93 talon tsi fwd 0 to 75. Butler