Worlds Fastest Chrysler 300C SRT-8 Top Speed Run 318KPH = 198mph SIK300SRT8

STILL STOCK BLOCK ! JUST H/C + Nitrous and BIG BALLS lol almost hit 200mph..

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E55 AMG vs SRT8 300C
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2006 charger srt8 top speed. paxton novi 1500 8.5psi 690 hp
2006srt8 charger @4300ft 0-170 in about 34sec! top seed for the day was 186 mph "closed course" make sure to check out all my other videos at kaos451srt8 4200 elevation

Chrysler 300c SRT8 Burnout
just seeing how far i could go. diablo tune, real cold air. and a couple secret mods. i got the car running mid 12s but would like to hit 11s by next summer.

USA POLICE car chase Chrysler 300c in Los Angeles
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