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Lamborghini Pulled Over by Police!
A custom Lamborghini Murcielago arriving at and leaving Cars & Coffee, then getting pulled over by police! Also caught on this video: Plymouth Prowler & Porsche 911 (997) GT2 (July 30, 2011 / Irvine, CA)

Audi R8 vs Porsche 911 Carrera - Top Gear - BBC
Jeremy reviews the new Audi R8 supercar and claims it to be one of the best supercars in the world - only to be interrupted by a competitive Richard Hammond in a Porsche 911. Which one is better - the Porsche 911 or the Audi R8? The only way to settle this argument is through a Top Gear special drag race! Subscribe for more awesome Top Gear videos: Top Gear YouTube channel: website: Top Gear Facebook: Top Gear Twitter: This is a channel from BBC Worldwide who help fund new BBC programmes.

RACE ME Porsche 911 Carrera GTS!! - Exhaust TOO LOUD! - Red Light RUNNER!
Ahhhhh! I'm so tired!! It's 3am & I'm waiting for my food to get a little colder because it's super hot since I just made it. I'm super hungry, crushed back/traps/biceps tonight & I just wanna sleep but that bulk life! HELLO, enjoy the journey of me trying to get MEGAN to race the PORSCHE or something like that. I'm honestly too tired to even think or type because I'm super hungry. I mean if you slapped me, I wouldn't even do anything but just cry on the floor...begging for you to feed me! Hope you enjoy the video, I got tons of footage for you homies & ladies!! So stay tuned. HIT THAT LIKE BUTTON or something, people say that right? Thank you so much for the support of my YouTube channel which will be the biggest channel ever! Or something, I'm going to go eat & sleep, later!! I love you all! LIKE & COMMENT & SHARE & SUBSCRIBE to go SUPER SAIYAN! :) Social Media: Instagram - Toy: Yamaha R6(Megan) Face: Shoei RF-1200 & Shark RAW(Matte Black) Torso: Alpinestars GP Plus R Leather Jacket & REV'IT GT-R Air Hands: Icon Pursuit Perforated Gloves(Red & Grey) Feet: Alpinestars SMX-6 Camera: GoPro Hero 3+(Helmet), GoPro Hero 3+(Bike) & Drift HD Power Level: Over 9000!!!!!!! Thank you for reading the description because whoever does! You're a very special human being who has graced their presence on my channel. You're like a human unicorn, yeah that's a big deal! -SaiyanRSexy!

Nismo 350z Tries to Motivate Porsche 911
I continue my search for the mythical Porsche driver who is actually fast.