A Porsche 911 Tries to Outrun Police

A 42-year old man from Purmerend, the Netherlands is caught after a bizarre chase. The man driving a Porsche 911 GT3 drove at speeds exceeding 200 km/h (125 mph) on the A7. The police gave him the stop sign from an undercover surveillance car. The Porsche, ignoring this, took a last second exit and went off. While entering the high way again, the driver lost control in the corner of the entranceway hitting the safety rails. While losing several parts from his car he tried to escape again. While being chased he took the road verge desperate to escape. He enters a parking space next to the high way and steps over to a Volkswagen Golf, driven by his 33-year old girlfriend. A 29-year old man which was the passenger at the Porsche took over the wheel from the Porsche and tries to get away. As seen in the video, while this was happening the police is taking a safe distance, observing until backup has arrived. The Golf drives away like nothing happened but the police knew he was in that car. They create a road block to hold up the traffic so they can arrest the former Porsche driver, the passenger now driving the Porsche also gets arrested. In the Golf happens to be a baby and in the baby-seat they discovered a firearm. In the clothing of the baby hard drugs were found. Both man are still in custody. 13 feb 2007

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Ida Grove Iowa Motorcycle Pursuit and Crash
Deputy Randy Petersen was injured after Kody Krager crashed his motorcycle head on into his squad car following a pursuit initiated by the Iowa State Patrol. Krager was allegedly driving recklessly through Ida Grove. In the initial video, Krager appears to be riding alongside another motorcycle. The Deputy had positioned his squad in the middle of the road to force Krager to slow, but Krager impacted the squad head on at approximately 49 MPH, being thrown over the top of the car and into the middle of the highway behind the squad. MORAL: Don't drive like an idiot, and comply with emergency vehicles and pull over. A young motorcyclist's life is cut short over what would have been a simply traffic citation.