Desert Fanatics Presents: Jason's Prerunner AKA DF Ranger

A lot has been goin on since we made this. This is now our truck and and can be seen around Phx AZ, and a lot of sick pictures on FB/Instagram #DFRanger Look us up on Facebook/Instagram or Check out our shop at Filmed at Little Sahara in Oklahoma in a Ford Ranger Prerunner built by Fiberwerx. GoPro Hero2 and Canon T2i used for filming. Drive. Ride. Live. Copyrights for music do not belong to me. Song is Sad Man's Tongue by Volbeat off Rock the Rebel/Metal the Devil - 2007

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2014 Desert Fanatics Veterans Flag Run
On November 9th 2014 we held a charity event to raise money for Veterans. It started with just an idea of a small group going driving around town, then it turned into something we never expected. An estimated 175+ trucks came out to support and donate, then took to the freeway for a sight never seen before. Thank you Phoenix Indoor Karting and everyone involved. Thank you to the Veterans. Thank you everyone that came out. We had a blast. Next year is going to be epic. Check us out at: also on Instagram and Twitter @desertfanatics email:

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Better than a Ford Raptor? Supercharged and modified 2006 Ford F150 PreRunner Review and Test Drive
In this special edition of Gallup Journey Test Drives I tracked down a local named Steve who has a passion for vehicles and got him to show us his heavily modified 2006 Ford f150 XLT. If you're into trucks you need to check this out and chime in. This one actually ran in a Baja no suburb curb warrior here! -Let's be civil here folks, it takes a lot to put yourself out there for everyone to see. Thanks for watching, like, share and subscribe. -Greg