2003 Suzuki Hayabusa (aka) Supermanbusa description: 2nd generation Tail, see through clutch and stator RC components wheels, 240 swing arm by all things Chrome  streetfighter headlights , llusion

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Hayabusa 1300cc custom on air ride fat rear tire & chrome-big boyz toyz dvd
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wolverine hayabusa platinum air ride

Suzuki Hayabusa Unboxing 2016 India
My 2016 Suzuki hayabusa's unboxing. Dealer:Dream Suzuki This is the cleaner version. Subscribe for weekly motovlogs. Song : MitiS & MaHi - Blu

Chromed Hayabusa Trailer Queen Gets Loaded
Suzuki Trailer Queen carefully guided on her chariot for the ride back to her garage mahal. Note the air suspension ride height adjustment. The plating shop guy must have retired after this job.