Mercedes Benz C55 AMG with Kleemann S7 Exhaust Note .

Kleemann high flow Exhaust headers greatly reduce Exhaust gas back pressure allowing the engine to breathe freely and produce more power, and supercharged as well as normally aspirated engines will benefit from the use of these headers. A normally aspirated V8 will typically gain 7 to 10 percent in horse- power and torque, while a supercharged engine will gain as much as 15 per- cent in horsepower and torque. The Kleemann header kits include down-pipes with steel sport catalysts, which themselves reduce Exhaust gas back pressure by up to 50 percent compared to conventional OE catalysts. Kleemann headers are available for all newer R4, V6 and V8 engines. The Kleemann sport Exhaust system with its two trapezoid shaped tailpipes serves as more than an eyecatcher at the back of the vehicle. The Exhaust system has wider pipes and modified rear mufflers, which promotes higher power and torque levels, and the sound is just phenomenal -- something you have to experience! Please note that our Exhaust products are specifically not for use on 4MATIC cars (except the ML W164). Price from € 895

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Kleemann S7 Mercedes C55 AMG Accelerating!
When I left the Ferrari-Chat Tunnelrun his car pulled up next to me. Listen to that great Exhaust note!

Zoe (Heroe de Leyenda) Homenaje Heroes del Silencio
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Audi R8 vs Mercedes C55 AMG Kleemann S7
2009 Audi R8 vs Mercedes C55 AMG Kleemann S7 1/4 Dragrace @ Gateway International Speedway

C55 AMG Mercedes-Benz Dynamic Driving
C55 AMG Mercedes-Benz Dynamic Driving