Dodge Viper ACRx @ DC Performance in Los Angeles

DC Performance Testing Dodge Viper ACRx

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13-1 Dodge Viper ACR & ACRX

Bucky Lasek racing in a Viper ACR-X Cup race
I had the pleasure of being invited to attend as a celebrity driver to one of this years 2010 Viper ACR-X cup races which was held at the Pocono Int. raceway. The Viper has 650hp and 605lbs of torque. I hit the top speed of 170mph and corner speeds were as high as 150mph. Needless to say I had a blast and I even got a podium finish. Thank you Cindi and Fred Lux of LUX performance and also Gary Johnson of Dodge.

Dodge Viper DC Performance HIGH VELOCITY Ported Heads & Intake Manifold
DC Performance in Los Angeles modifies the 2008 dodge viper with their Stage 3 Performance Upgrade. The power increase without touching the computer is felt instantly! DC Performance has upgraded this viper with their HIGH VELOCITY Ported Heads and Ported Intake Manifold. This 2008 Viper also has Belanger headers, side Exhaust, mopar ecu, 3.33 gears. DC Performance in Los Angeles is your one stop facility for your high performance car. We have 2 in-house Dynos, check out other videos @

DC Performance Stage 2 Gen4 Dodge Viper
This Gen4 Dodge Viper was built and tested @ DC Performance in Los Angeles. Stage 2 Viper includes Belanger headers, DCP Custom Intake Manifold, Performance PCM, and our Proven Performance Dyno Testing. Call us today for all your performance product needs! 800.841.8979.