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WhipAddict: Underground Rim King Shop; Dodge Magnum SRT8 and Chevy Camaro on 32s, Malibu on 28s
More 32s droppin at Underground Rim King Atlanta location! First up, the homie @money_n_power_32 SRT8 Magnum on DUBs(faces at paint shop) does a few laps for show, a lot more coming from this one as it's in the process of getting painted and music finished up before Stunt Fest. After that @ikeepsit1000 pulls up in the kandy Malibu on 28" DUB spinners bumpin that slo mo music as always! Then Steve pulled out the white Camaro on white 32" Starr Wheels for a test drive! Hate it or love it the 30" rims and up will keep comin! Beats by Dos

Gold & Teal Camaro on Gold 30" Forgiato Giratto's @specialvehiclescustoms
Lift Rims & Tires Done By @specialvehiclescustoms 216-246-6200

Chrome Wrapped Camaro on 34"s
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Gold n Teal Camaro SS Convertible on 30" Forgiatos HD
Big E's Gold Maro on 30 inch Forgi's Lift done by Darcelle81 (Special Vehicles)