Holden 253 V8 Engine Autopsy Pt2

Getting further into it, I will make the last part today when I tear into the bottom end. One reason they may have used 308 headgaskets is that they may have bored the block out so far they could not use 253 head gaskets.

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Holden 253 V8 Autopsy Pt3 Final

Holden 253 V8 Autopsy pt1
This engine has had a ton of abuse before I got to it, and it shows

Project GM Holden 253 V8
The beginnings of my 253ci Holden V8 restoration project! [ project shelved indefinitly due to lack on income to spend on it] - 11/5/09 The engine was a $100 junkyard find, having spent a number of years outside in the weather it is in rough shape, but not too far gone! My primary assessment determined that it needs a bearing kit, bore hone, gasket kit, lifters, maybe a cam shaft, rebuilt heads, sump and rocker covers, carburetor, and possibly more ancillary equipment. Either way its a great learning experience that I encourage any gearhead to undertake at some stage in their life!

Flaming Final Run of A Worn Out Holden 253 V8
Running excessive amounts of normal 96 octane gas through the 253 for the last time. its not worth rebuilding since its been cooked many times before I got it, and also has almost zero oil pressure. Complete autopsy videos to follow! Don't do this at home without proper ventilation, mine is provided by a Flakt-Woods 760mm Axial fan in the back if the shed.