4 and rotary nats 2011 323 vs starlet

323 13bpp vs pp starlet.my wagon fukd out in this run and think its droped a seal in this run time 4 a rebuild

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hbcc 1/4 mile 323 13bpp
mazda 323 13bpp

4's & Rotors 2011 Cruze/Skids
Just some footage of cruzing,skids,random event on 4's and rotors couple of videos dont have sound because i fast forwarded them and it sounded crap

13B turbo 323 wheel stand
Un-opened S5 13B import block, Garrett TO4B 60-1 turbo, Link G4 RX ecu, Tremec TKO trans, steel bell housing, 9in diff, leaf spring and caltrac rear end. Runs on BP98 pump gas. Street legal.

13bpp skids 323
low key 13bpp skidz.