1990 5.8l Lightning Mustang 6 speed T56 Burnout contest

My 5.8L Ford Lightning Mustang doing a burnout.

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5.8 351W 92 mustang easy burnout and donuts. Barely touching 3500 rpms.
Testing the Mustang again after a few adjustments. Burnout threw 2nd gear and some donuts at the end. Barely getting to 3500 rpms.

5.8L 351 windsor swap into a 1985 4 eyes mustang
5.8L 351 windsor swap into a 1985 4 eyes Mustang GT BURNOUT AT THE END :D This is my buddys car that we did a swap from an 89 Mustang to a four 4 eyes Mustang gt. Carborated engine 5.0 Miguel rosas

srt-4 vs mustang 351
my 04 dodge srt-4 vs my friends 87 Mustang 351 windsor

Mustang 351W TT 430Hp, 760Nm @ 7Psi
Standard 351W with two T3/T4 turbos with MegaSquirt.