Tommy Chevy Silverado Super Bowl TV Commercial - Maguire Chevrolet Bob NJ

In this 30-second spot, the spirit of Lassie the talking dog possesses a silver Chevy Silverado HD, rushing to tell Tommy's father every time the boy gets into some sort of mischief. From things such as hot air balloons to whales, to even a volcano — the Silverado HD is up for the challenge and so is Bob Maguire Chevrolet! Enjoy...for other great automotive information, data, news and advertising details, visit us at

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Silverado "Strong" Extended Commercial - Gates Chevy World, Mishawaka, IN
You've seen the new Silverado anthem, "Strong," performed by Grammy award-nominated artist Will Hoge. Here's the full-length, extended cut version of the commercial, dedicated to you, the hardworking, honest and dependable men and women that make our truck what it is. To learn more about the all-new 2014 Chevy Silverado, visit Gates Chevy World, or view our website at

"My Truck" Chevy Truck Commercial 2008
This is the 2008 Chevy Truck commercial that I was a part of. Thanks to GM and the folks on the production crew, advertising (Campbell Ewald) and everybody else who had a hand in its creation!

Larry - Chevy Super Bowl XLVI Commercial 2012
"Larry" Chevy Super Bowl XLVI Commercial 2012

Prueba Chevrolet Trax / Tracker 2015 (Español)
Prueba de manejo en español del Chevrolet Trax 2015. Van a notar algunas "imperfecciones" en este video, ya que tuve que hacer todo el trabajo solo y en muy poco tiempo. Facebook Twitter Instagram