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Tommy Chevy Silverado Super Bowl TV Commercial - Maguire Chevrolet Bob NJ

In this 30-second spot, the spirit of Lassie the talking dog possesses a silver Chevy Silverado HD, rushing to tell Tommy's father every time the boy gets into some sort of mischief. From things such as hot air balloons to whales, to even a volcano — the Silverado HD is up for the challenge and so is Bob Maguire Chevrolet! Enjoy...for other great automotive information, data, news and advertising details, visit us at www.blog.maguireauto.com


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Chevy vs. Ford HD Truck - Bed Bend Video
Watch a video that shows the difference in bed and frame twist strength in the new Chevy and Ford HD pickup trucks.for

Review: 2007 Chevrolet Silverado
Go to MYRIDE.COM for more car videos. By now you've heard the phrase Our

Chevy Silverado vs '72 Cheyenne "FAMILY TREE" commercial
DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS - '07 silverado faces off with a 1972 classic Cheyenne

► 2011 Chevy Silverado HD - Test Twist Ditch
Chevrolet takes the heavy-duty pickup battle to the test track -- and the mountain roads -- in "HD to HD," a video series that pits 2011 Silverado HD pickups against the competition in real-world tests of capabilities that matter to real-world truck buyers. The tests include acceleration, passing, and braking tests, all conducted with a loaded bed, or in some cases, a loaded trailer. Other tests measure the effectiveness of the Exhaust brakes on long downgrades and the stiffness of the frames during twist-ditch simulations. Competitors were diesel-powered 2011 Ford Super Duties, and in some tests, 2011 Dodge Ram HDs.

Chevy vs. Ford
Truck pull!!! 2003 F350 w/ a 7.3 vs 2005 Chevy Silverado 2500. Chevy cleared more ground, but broke an axle in the last round. More to come when all repairs are made =)

2001 Chevrolet Silverado HD Commercial-Like a Rock
A commercial for Chevrolet's Silverado HD, with the slogan "Like a Rock," from 2001.

Chevrolet Silverado HD Wins 2011 Motor Trend Truck Of The Year
Motor Trend editor-in-chief Angus MacKenzie outlines why the 2011 Chevrolet Silverado HD was voted the 2011 Motor Trend Truck of the Year. Newberry Family Auto is a full service Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep dealership, serving Harper, Kansas and surrounding areas, including Wichita and the entire South Central Kansas area. http://www.newberryfamilyauto.com

Miss Evelyn Chevrolet Camaro Super Bowl Ad Bob Maguire Chevy
In this funny Chevy commercial, which aired during the 2011 Super Bowl broadcast, a 2011 Camaro SS journeys through the imaginations of the story's two narrators, beginning in an empty desert and ending with a female elementary school teacher parking the car outside of an elementary school. How the Camaro got from one place to the other calls upon watching the ad for yourself. Enjoy - brought to you by Bob Maguire Chevrolet in Bordentown, NJ

2003 Chevy Silverado Like a Rock Commercial
This is a Chevy Silverado Commercial from 2003. It has the old theme song "Like a Rock".

09' Ford F-350 Dually Vs Cammed 2011 Silverado (Before And After Mods)
2009 Ford F350 6.4l, Compound turbo with H&S Tuner, Full 4in Exhaust. 2011 Silverado 5.3l, LT headers CAI, 373 Gears, 228R Cam Tune. 2009 Ford F350 6.4l, Compound turbo with H&S Tuner, Full 4in Exhaust. 2011 Silverado 5.3l, LT headers CAI, 373 Gears, 228R Cam Tune. 2009 Ford F350 6.4l, Compound turbo with H&S Tuner, Full 4in Exhaust. 2011 Silverado 5.3l, LT headers CAI, 373 Gears, 228R Cam Tune.

2011 Chevy Silverado HD Commercial
This Chevrolet commercial highlights the features of the 2011 Silverado HD in a way you have never seen before. Chevrolet did an amazing job with this advertisement by showing people an inside, and unique, look at the new Silverado HD ride and handling highlights: a towing capacity of 21,700 lbs, a max payload of 6,635 lbs, the Duramax Diesel Engine, Allison Transmission, fully boxed steel frame, Diesel Exhaust Brake, Stabilitrak, FGAWR up to 6,000 lbs., the steering knuckle is taller and 66% heavier, the lower control arm is machined cast iron to handle the higher loads and it comes with intelligent brake assistant standard on all 2011 Silverado HD models. The Heavy Duty is Chevy's ultimate power machine for people interested in extreme hauling and intense amounts of payload. And, like always, the 2011 Chevrolet Silverado Heavy Duty comes with Chevy's 100,000 mile/5-Year Powertrain Warranty.

Larry - Chevy Super Bowl XLVI Commercial 2012
"Larry" Chevy Super Bowl XLVI Commercial 2012

ZR1 Vette vs Jet! - Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Races A U.S. Navy Fighter Jet
MT Editor at Large Arthur St. Antoine pits Chevy's awesome "Blue Devil" -- the Corvette ZR1 -- against its toughest adversary yet: a Blue Angels F/A-18 Hornet fighter jet. Shot By: Jim Gleason & Terren Lin Edited By: Jim Gleason Read the story here: http://www.motortrend.com/features/performance/112_0908_chevy_corvette_zr1_ vs_fighter_jet_race/index.html

2010 Chevy Silverado Commercial - Funny
Great Chevy Silverado Commercial! Have you owned this truck? Let us know what your opinions are on this vehicle with comments below.

[VIDEO] New Chevrolet Silverado 2012 Commercial
[VIDEO] New Chevrolet Silverado 2012

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