1972 Chevelle Pump Gas 496 @ Thunder Valley, Noble OK

First run ever! First night at the races with my street car. 72 Chevelle with a BBC Let out at the 1000' mark. I got smoked anyways.

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In the 9's on pump gas 496 N/A
66 chevelle, 496ci pump gas, no power adders, true 10" slicks, full interior, all steel except hood. Union Grove raceway. Best ET 6.27@109 mph 1/8th mile 9.92 @ 133 mph 1/4 mile

Pat McNeils 454 Pump Gas 1969 chevelle
Pats Pump Gas 454 Run's a new best of 10.92 @ 123.93

Kitimat - 70 Chevelle SS 496
Terrace Drags 2011

First Pass in 1970 Chevelle 496
This was my first pass i had ever made and it was in my 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle with a 496 CID engine. I ran 12.93 at 108. Please no negative comments as it was my first pass. Also sorry about the quality.