Old cars near Consort, Alberta

Here's a few shots of some old cars sitting in a field. I love checking out places like this--almost more than car shows. I'll post some more like these later. I hope you can appreciate their unique beauty.

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junk yard old cars truck and everything you can imagine
What a great morning for a walk. I enjoy walking around checking out all I see. And you can bet I need everything I and you see

Huge Classic Car Junkyard - Wrecked Vintage Muscle Cars
This is a tribute to one of the largest and best classic car junkyards in the world, Bob's Auto Parts in Fostoria, Michigan. At one time this yard had well over 1,200 antique and classic cars. Sadly in 2008 the owner Bob Zimmerman died. There were several auctions to sell off all the parts and cars, but sadly only about 300 cars were saved and the rest were crushed. :( MyMopar.com

Top10Linch - Abandoned Classic Cars
AWESOME Jaguar, Ferrari, Bugatti, Porsche.. Only Classic Cars!! Top 10 Linch - Official Channel

A closer lookat some of the classic cars in Larry's junkyard
Some of the cars are worth a closer look! Larry's got more. He said he has an old junkyard with 30's and 40's truck bodies in the woods, but it was wet and muddy and hard to get to the day I shot these. Lots of cool projects to be had here. Most everything's for sale. Larry's hanging onto the 68 BelAire and the T-Bucket and probably that 62 Vette in the garage, but I suspect almost everything else is for sale. You can call him at 207-397-4901 or 207-474-1086