Stock 14b Turbo Talon TSI AWD no nitrous 12.050

14b turbo Talon 12,050 @ 113.36 Personal best at the 19th Annual DSM/Evo Shootout August 21, 2011 Shooting for 11's! No Nitrous 1990 Eagle Talon TSI AWD 60 ft. was a 1.708

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My 1993 DSM Eagle Talon TSI AWD
A video of the 1993 Eagle Talon TSI AWD I've built. Car is actually dark red don't know why it looks orange.

1990 Eagle Talon TSI AWD 14b No nitrous 11.300 @ 117.16
As of this date, the quickest awd no Nitrous stock turbo DSM. Been a long road here! Car is running 25 psi, 18* peak timing, 11.8:1 AFR's on E85 Stock 7.8:1 6 bolt block, HKS 264/272 cams 1.42 60' on the brand new M&H Racemaster Slicks 24.5x8.5x15 Milan Dragway 05/24/13

Eagle Talon TSi AWD 14b Turbo Vs BMW 3.5 Turbo RWD Igor
Eagle stock engine and stock 14b turbo

Pulling Wheels AWD! Insane DSM Launches | GASTROKER |
Watch as the 1000hp+ 2G DSM known as the GASTROKER pulls off some of the most insane launches ever in DSM history!