Stock 14b Turbo Talon TSI AWD no nitrous 12.050

14b turbo Talon 12,050 @ 113.36 Personal best at the 19th Annual DSM/Evo Shootout August 21, 2011 Shooting for 11's! No Nitrous 1990 Eagle Talon TSI AWD 60 ft. was a 1.708

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MONSTER TURBO 1200hp 1G Eagle Talon
One of the craziest AWD builds we've seen yet showed up at Street Car Takeover OKC and put on a show! Making it all the way to the finals, even while down on power, Darren Thomas made some badass passes in this 1G DESM, as deep as the 5.60's range in the 1/8 and the car typically is in the 5.40 E/T's. This car is no joke! We hope to see it back out again once the car is all sorted out!

340 WHP Mitsubishi Eclipse 2G walk around + exhaust rev (MODS IN DESCRIPTION)
my '97 Eclipse GST, running 22 pounds of Boost. Current Modifications: Walbro 255 Fuel Pump, 550 Fuel Injectors, First Gen. Fuel Rail, Buschur Racing SX AFPR, K & N Filter, EVO 8 Exhaust Manifold Ported and Polished, Greddy Type S Blow Off Valve, B&M Short Shifter, 3 Inch Magnaflow Exhaust, Mitsubishi 20G turbo, MB Motoring Weapon R Bronze Rims, Bridgestone Potenza RE 11 / BFGoodrich T/A KDW Tires, Brembo Crossdrilled / Slotted Rotors, Tokico Iluminas, Tein S. Tech Springs, Phantom Boost Gauge, Greddy EGT, APEXI turbo Timer, APEXI SAFC2, TRE Racing Transmission 5th Gear 25 % Taller, Ultra light weight flywheel, ACT 2500 Clutch

Mitsubishi Eclipse Eagle Talon TSI DSM FUlly Built Turbo AWD Drift Cyclones Burnout Launch
Mitsubishi Eclipse Eagle Talon TSI DSM FUlly Built turbo AWD Drift Cyclones Burnout Launch

DSM Talon TSI AWD Holset HX40 20PSI Launch
launch was at 20psi 16deg timing. my wastegate gasket blew here .. and the Boost was less than 20psi at 2nd gear.