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1924 Model T Ford- Teaching me to drive the thing

my dad takes her for a spin at first.. then watch him yell at me while i am trying to drive the 1924 Model T Ford (3.30 minute mark).. it aint easy, folks... the pedals are NOT where you think they should be.... and forgive that i was chubby in this vid... it was temporary.


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Canada's Worst Driver - S06E07
Episode 7 Original airdate: December 6, 2010 The Trough -- The challenge from Canada's Worst Driver 5 returns. In this course, the contestant must drive a car atop a series of concrete barriers placed on their side. Contestants must remain on the concrete at all times; if the car slips off or gets stuck, the contestants must start over. Lance is unable to go through the course in the one-hour time limit. Jamie makes it across on her third try after panicking on her first two attempts. Because of the nature of the course, Andrew must accompany Brad. He makes it about three feet from the end in the final run before running out of time and scraping the bottom of the truck. John also sits out on Dale's run due to extreme heat, and Dale promptly gets herself stuck repeatedly. Distracted Driving -- The annual lesson on why distracted driving (especially texting while driving) should not be done has contestants drive a figure-eight course while doing many things at the same time. Dale, who had driven straight through her garage door on one occasion, gets the point easily. Jamie, the contestant from the only province where there is no ban on cell phone use while driving (at the time of taping; a ban is in effect at the time of airing), has never done this, and has never tried this herself. She agrees to try, with predictably disastrous results. Brad, who does not own a phone, tries instead to apply lipstick instead, with similarly destructive results. Lance doesn't get the point, though, when he is told to apply lipstick, eat, and drink while behind the wheel. Canada's Worst Cup -- In a variation on last year's Shopping Cart Hockey challenge, the contestants must push an oversized soccer ball across a soccer pitch with a car. The ball may bounce off any number of foam defenders, but the car may not hit any of them. Furthermore, the car may not cross a white line when shooting at the goal. Dale has trouble controlling the ball initially, but manages to score 8 goals in 15 minutes. Lance repeatedly hits the foam goaltender, and only gets four goals in his run. Brad accidentally injures Donna in the passenger seat in his run, and thus is disqualified with four minutes left in his run. Jamie complains to Eric about talking too much in her run, but she manages to tie Dale for the win with 8 goals. Camaro Challenge: The Handbrake J-Turn -- The contestants must take on the traditional challenge in the Camaro this year (but at 60 km/h). Jamie picks up the lesson quickly, but is too nervous come challenge time, and hits the foot brakes repeatedly, and fails her set 7 runs. Again, Andrew will accompany Brad on his run due to Donna's injuries and the nature of the challenge, and Andrew makes Brad do a few dry run before making his attempts. Brad manages to pass after three attempts (the first two failing due to hitting the foot brake), but Cam is quick to discount Brad's accomplishment as in his mind Andrew had overstepped his bound by helping too much. Before Lance's run, though, the rain hits, and so Andrew tells Lance to never accelerate above 70 km/h due to hydroplaning concerns (though Andrew also adds that the course speed limit is now lowered to the standard 50 km/h due to the rain). Lance fails his first three runs by triggering both the handbrake and footbrake before making the turn, and then fails his next three by triggering the handbrake too late. Lance then fails his last chance by failing to find the hand brake (as he had taken his hand off of it). Dale's 7 runs all have her triggering the foot brake (and some of them by hitting the obstacles en route to the turning obstacle), prompting her to think that this is beyond her. Neither Dale or Lance are graduating for sure by their own admissions. Jamie admits that Brad is the better driver, but Brad believes that he's bound for the final three. The experts are again split on who to let go. In another 3-2 split decision, Jamie takes the prize, meaning that she can avoid driving Andrew around Niagara Falls, and avoid being named Canada's Worst Driver.

How to start up and drive a 1925 Ford Model T
While still in the Ely neighborhood of Fairlee, Vermont, we get a quick lesson on how to start up and drive a 1925 Ford Model T. I am not sure how comprehensive a lesson it is, but I think with a bit of practice, I could drive this car. Once the car is started, we take a drive down Old Federal Route 5, which has been truncated, since the new Route 5 was built in the 1930's. The road is also unpaved, which I am sure is the way its been for years. Imagine being on this road 80 years ago and seeing this car coming along down the road; this would have been a pretty common sight. At the end of the road, we turn around in a neighbors driveway, where we see a couple of newer, yet vintage, cars. I am not sure what the white car is, but the Chevrolet pick-up looks like it's from the 1960's. Enjoy the view from the car, as well as the lesson on starting and driving it. If you have any questions about the video, feel free to message me. Comments are welcome. The video was taken on August 25th, 2013.

1926 Model T Ford - First Start and Drive
A Running Chassis for a Roadster Pickup A few still photos at: http://www.pbase.com/jimthode/1926_model_t_pickup

1917 Model T Ford ~ How to Drive & Operate
Ford Model T Ford, information and how to drive it. Some interesting info about the Ford Model T Automobile and how to operate it. I had a thought before of buying one of these classic antiques, so I asked an experienced owner about them today. Peace, Mark Allen Channel (4GUESTS.COM)

Model T Ford Tractor Plowing
Model T Ford 1927 Model T Ford home made tractor. It has two additional 3-speed transmissions and has a Model TT rear end (Truck). The plow is a John Deere walking plow modified with linkage to raise and lower the plow. My dad purchased this tractor in 1941 for $15.00 "My older brother is running the tractor" (This homemade tractor was used to plow Victory Gardens during the depression)

The Model T Ford Register of Great Britain visit the Anson Engine Museum
To celebrate 100 years of Ford manufacturing in Britain the 'Model T Ford register of Great Britain' (http://www.modeltregister.co.uk/index.html) organised a tour called 'Buxton and Beyond' this comprised a drive over fine Peak District hills for coffee at the Trafford Park Heritage centre, visiting the site of the 1911 Ford factory, birthplace of all our English Model Ts. We will then move on to the Anson Engine Museum in Poynton for lunch and then over the famous Cat and Fiddle Pass back to Buxton. this is a video of the cars arriving and departing the Anson Engine Museum (http://www.enginemuseum.org/)

The history of the Model T Ford, Documentary. Full
The history of the Model T Ford and early Ford .Documentary

Ford 1922 Model T at the gas station.
A 1922 Ford Model T at The Esso Gas Station in Victoria BC. I pulled into the Hillside and Shelbourne Esso and saw this classic car sitting at the gas pumps. I had my camera in my pocket and started filming. The owner comes out after 'pre-paying' at the counter and fills it with gasoline. He explains about his 1922 Ford Model T. He explains about the car as he fills teh tank. there is no fuel pump so the gas tank is up top under the seat. He explains all the mechanisms of the car: gearing, engine oil. alternator and other stuff. He then starts the car and drives away. It was a lucky day for me to have my camera in my pocket. Thank you stranger for letting me film you filling your great car.

Old tractors never die! Ursus vs. Land Rover.
This film its just a little joke. Many vehicles -many uses. Tractor is´╗┐ used to plow the field, all-terrain car used to efficiently off-road move. Be aware of the differences. Different gears, tyres, motors and many things... remember that! This is not sugestion who is better. I like all vintage, off-road machines.

Model T Ford
Take an early ride

Bud's 1924 Model T powered Wood Saw
Bud cuts wood with his Model T Ford powered Wood Saw. In 1951 he built a Wood Saw using an engine that he had rebuilt in 1935. Music: Forgotten Times by JewelBeat

Model T Ford Snowmobile Meredith NH
Model T Ford Snowmobile Club Meet 2008 in Meredith NH Check out www.modeltfordsnowmobile.com for more information on Model T Snowmobiles

Model T Snow Flyer
The maiden Alaska run of the 1917 Model T Snow Flyer owned by the Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Lada hand crank start
I made an attempt of starting my Lada with a hand crank, and it went smoother than I'd thought. It was unstarted for a week. The preparations I did before starting, was removing the license plate to access the hole in the bumper, turning on the ignition and pulling the choke out fully. Of course I also checked that it was not in gear =)

Ford Model T Historia
Ford Model T Historia

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