Volvo Trucks - Appetite for destruction: Welcome to the crash factory

Ever since the 1920s, Volvo Trucks has given top priority to safety. One important part of that work is the many crash tests carried out every year. Come along on a visit to the crash factory.

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Volvo Trucks Safety - Crash test
The airbag is a vital safety component in a Volvo truck.

Volvo Trucks - Testing Collision Warning with Emergency Brake - "Trucks' Anatomy" (E01)
In the first episode of Trucks' Anatomy we take a close look at the revolutionary Collision Warning with Emergency Brake system. Your host Peter Sundfeldt, one of Sweden's best-known motor journalists will guide you through the test. Watch the original Emergency Braking video here: How does a truck really work? How is it built? How is it developed? Volvo Trucks YouTube-series "Truck's Anatomy" gives you the answers. Visit Volvo Trucks website: Volvo Trucks in social media:!/VolvoTrucks

Volvo Trucks - How a Volvo Truck is recycled
A truck straight off the factory assembly line may not be quite as new as it seems. One-third of the vehicle's total weight consists of recycled metals. At least this is the case with Volvo Trucks. The Swedish manufacturer's production system embraces the recycling of old trucks, whereby old becomes new in a sustainable process that benefits both economy and ecology. At the Volvo Truck Center just outside Göteborg, trucks are dismantled down to their last nuts and bolts and their materials recycled.

Volvo Trucks - A Volvo FMX 3-way tipper truck, building Copenhagen’s new metro line
Johnny Olsen drives a Volvo FMX 3-way tipper truck, transporting soil from the construction of Copenhagen's new subway – the Cityringen circle line. Watch the truck in action when it tackles Denmark´s largest metro building project. Visit Volvo Trucks website: Volvo Trucks in social media: