NF Performance's Speeding Bullet 9.96 @ 139MPH MAP Proving Grounds 2012

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EVO crash - BIR Mitsubishi Evolution crash wreck @ MA Proving Grounds
Filmed by: Boosted Films **PLEASE READ BELOW** Both driver and passenger are ok. EVO lost it's brakes coming into the corner. When you lose brakes, you do not "plan your line" for the corner. He took the same corner before this and would not try to make a turn like that on purpose. I included the Mustang going through the water to show it DID NOT have an affect on the evo. The evo did NOT drive on any wet part of the track from the Mustangs splash prior to entering the corner. (Once the evo hit the inner edge of the corner, he was already going way too fast) 6-23-2012 - MA Performance Proving Grounds 2012 More videos from MA Proving Grounds 2012. Subscribe and you will be notified. Facebook - stay in touch! Twitter: - Get personal! Tumblr - Bloggin! Filmed and Edited by: Paul Elertson Camera: Canon XH-A1 Software: Adobe Premiere Pro

What happens at MAP Proving Grounds 2014? - Boosted Films
Probably something like this! MA Performance (MAP) Proving Grounds 2012 compilation video. BIR raceway. Compilation videos from each individual event @ MA Proving Grounds 2012 on the way. Subscribe and you will be notified. Like us on Facebook for more videos Music: beachesbeaches comeon Filmed and Edited by: Paul Elertson Camera: Canon XH-A1 Software: Adobe Premiere Pro

STi aka Speeding Bullet Vs Stg2 STi E85
Big turbo STi aka Speeding Bullet Project Vs Stg2 STi E85 on the way home from BIR 6.26.11

NF Performance - Speeding Bullet - 04 STI - 10.26 @ 138 MPH
Modern Automotive Performance - Proving Grounds '12 Brainerd International Raceway June 23, 2012 Car ran 9.96 @ 139MPH the next day! Car: 2004 Subaru Impreza WRX STi Tuner: Nuke of NF Performance Transmission: 2004 STi 6 Speed with Legacy GT Spec-B 2-6th gear upgrade Peak HP at RPM: N/A Peak Torque at RPM: N/A Baseline hp/tq for a stock on same Dyno: N/A Target Boost: 34psi Target AFR: 11ish Fuel: E85 Engine/Power Modifications: STOCK Sleeves EJ257, OTS JE Pistons 99.5mm 8.5:1 compression ratio, PTE 6766 Journal Bearing .81 , Crower I-Beams, ACL Bearings, Fuji_K's (of NF Performance) Double D Headports, STOCK intake & Exhaust valves, GSC S2 cams, Crower valve springs & retainers, Fobia full rotated turbo kit, Dual Tial 38mm External Wastegates, Invidia G200 Exhaust, Five O 1600cc injectors, Aeromotive Fuel Rails, Fuelab Fuel Pressure Regulator, DW300 intank feeding Bosch 044 w/ Kenne Bell Boost A Pump Driveline Modifications: ACT Xtreme Clutch Kit with 6 Puck Unsprung Suspension Modifications: KYB GR-2 w/RCE Yellows Other Modifications: Seats & Doorcards removed