2000 Pontiac Trans Am VS. 2004 Ford Mustang Roush Vert - GLD

My 00' T/A vs. my Friends 04' Mustang at GLD 8/13/09. I just flahsed my stall off the line no rev.

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2000 Pontiac Trans Am 70-100
just put in 4.30s so speedos alil off. What a nice day in Mexico :) a lil pull from about 70-100. granny shiftin', not double clutch like ya should.. tune in next time for some diggs and Nitrous pulls, maybe a few -vs- Mustang and Srt-4 clips too.

1971? Ford Mustang Vs. 2000 Pontiac Trans Am
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2007 Mustang GT Vert, Start Up And Back Up New Exhaust!!!
Prochamber & Boom Tubes!!!

2003 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII *CELL PHONE IDLE VIDEO*
My 2003 Evo idiling in my drive way for a little bit this was taken with my cell phone so not the best quality but it'll do for now!