13B Turbo Rotor ute just getting a dyno ramp up at TOP RPM Motorsport

13B turbo getting a Dyno ramp up after a new Exhaust , has a clutch problem so i will post a new one once the problem is solved , has made 550HP ATW before , another nice car from Instyle Automotive . look out for the next video coming soon !!!!

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Dyson Bros 718 HP R100 Dyno @ TOP RPM before a race meet . Fresh build , fresh engine !
New Dyson Bros R100 getting a run up on the Dyno , sorting out a few issues , on low Boost , 13B 45GTX new build , looks promising .

SR20det Powered Datsun Ute , Built by Instyle Automotive , Tuned by TOP RPM Motorsport
SR20det fully built , large single turbo , external waster gate , aftermarket intake , z32 gear box , motec M48, 430HP ATW , Car Built by Instyle Automotive . for more information on tunning please visit www.toprpm.com.au

Nissan Patrol GU dyno run , TOP RPM Motorsport , only just fits in the dyno room lol !!!!
Here is a customers Nissan Patrol 4.8 Petrol , it has a Boost problem and we're trying to solve it , hence the low power .. These have great potential given some money and time .. For more information please visit www.toprpm.com.au

.357 Magnum Gun with muzzel flash replay ! Magnum with scoop competition gun !
Here is a .357 Magnum with muzzel flash ! don't know any spec of the gun , but still very cool 357 Magnum with scoop gun competition ! Shot at Southport Indoor Pistol Club on the gold coast .