SMFC Supercharged GTO VS SS Camaro 150 Shot+Bolt Ons

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SMFC VS Drag Ons built turbo SOHC Hatch. All videos filmed on private property.

2006 GTO with Kilduff Shifter
My 06 GTO with Kilduff Shifter ( Special thanks to Paulie from Auto Body Creationz on Long Island NY: 631/940-9201 Shifter can be found here: Transmission is a RPM Level V 4L65e. I did this because I wanted to try something different. You don't have to use the rods, the lever to the far left operates like a normal PRND lever. I don't use this at the drag strip (I just leave it in 3), but it is fun on the street. Shifter can be returned to stock. Thanks for watching. Shifter in action here:

Camaro at Sacramento before the supercharger
A few runs in the Camaro in Sacramento before the Supercharger. What a difference it made, I lost by .1 seconds last time I raced the yellow 2007 Corvette Z06. Wait until I install my meth injection, the Vette will go down!

2010 camaro ss on 150 shot
This is the outside view of my last video.