Grand Prix GXP Vs Impala SS

5.3 Vs 5.3 which one is faster??? You already know lol

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I Thought The Mustang Was Going to do a burnout.....Dat Smokey DIESAL Truck again

Bonnevile GXP vs Grand Prix GXP
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Impala ss vs grand prix gtp

Impala SS vs Grand Prix GXP
Brief explanation: both cars ran poorly that night. SS has bald tires (caused horrid 60' time) and weak valve springs on the top end causing the valves to float and not produce power like it should. GXP stuck the launch but hit limiter in second for a moment causing it to not be as close as it should have been. Both cars are currently 13 second capable now. Hope to get a video within a month or so of the SS (GXP SOLD) SS: 60': ~2.6s 1/4: 14.89 @ 93 mph GXP: 1/4: 14.98 @ 95 mph