BMW M135i review!

We drove the new BMW M135i with 3.0 Twinpower turbo, an engine that fits the lightweight 1 Series! Via

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BMW M135i - REVIEW - Faster than it looks. MUCH faster!
Review of the BMW M135i by The 1-series BMWs have not always been that easy to love the look of, but they're now easier on the eye than ever. And this one is crazy quick. As a sleeper it sets the bedsheets on fire and though it's only a 'semi M-car' it's a maximum hoot to drive. Subscribe to - Our website - Check out on social media: Facebook - Instagram - Twitter -

BMW M135i vs Mercedes A45 AMG review - Auto Express
Mercedes A45 AMG review: BMW M135i review: Subscribe to our YouTube channel Subscribe to the mag Premium car manufacturers have traditionally stayed away from hot hatch market, but that's no longer the case. In this video review we have the BMW M135i, and we are testing it against the Mercedes A45 AMG - with a 2.0-litre turbocharged engine it's going to be a stern rival for the BMW. The BMW gets a six-cylinder engine, revs to 7000rpm but peak torque is at just 1300rpm, so it has instant power. It does come in manual, but we've got the eight-speed automatic gearbox. We took it around our track in just 1 minute 14 seconds. As for the Mercedes, it's £5,000 more expensive than the BMW, so that's something to consider straight away. It's got 40bhp more, but the same torque. It's a 2.0-litre turbocharged engine, and a dual-clutch gearbox. It's four-wheel drive, meaning body control is really good around the corners - but, on the flip side, the ride is quite stiff. It did beat the BMW around the track though, in a final time of 1 minute, 13 seconds. So, which hatchback comes out on top? If you want to be the fastest against the stopwatch, with amazing body control, choose the Mercedes. But, if you want to spend less money and have more fun, go for the BMW. See our video review and make your own decision.

BMW M135i Review - Driven, the best Hot Hatch out there! 6 cylinder Turbo!
The BMW M135i driven by the Torque Team! What a great little hot hatch. See the full BMW M135i review here. Does it keep up with the Mercedes A45 AMG and Audi RS3? Have a watch and see what we thought. Let us know what you think. Like. Comment. Subscribe. A huge thank you to for supplying us with The BMW M135i. Make sure you subscribe to the TORQUE MAGAZINE channel, to keep up to date with the best cars! Music No Copyright sounds FOLLOW US Instagram - Facebook - Website – Don’t forget to subscribe to the Torque Magazine channel! Visit to subscribe to Torque Magazine. Get all the latest car reviews, car editorials, car competitions, car industry news and car comparisons delivered straight through your letterbox. Torque Magazine, the car magazine.

2014 BMW M135i (320hp) - DRIVE & SOUND (1080p)
The full autobahn and country road Drive & Sound with a BMW F20 M135i, 8-speed automatic and RWD. I have to apologize for some unprofessional audio in the beginning, but my Sony cam broke on that day and I had to use the GoPro 3 for some more scenes than usual. Anyway, the 3.0 TwinPower turbo delivers 320hp and 450Nm, a nice and punchy engine with a typical BMW R6 sound outside and a electronically improved incab sound. While the egine was really good I wasn't quite as happy with the suspension and steering as the car tends to be nervous while breaking from higher speeds. If you are in the market for a premium hot hatch I would highly recommend this car with the optional xDrive AWD system as it will improve traction and high speed stability, the only real downsides of this car. And go for the performance Auspuff (Exhaust)! Fuel consumption was always below 10 l / 100 km as Long as I drove it normally;-). Make sure to LIKE and COMMENT and please think about a free subscription to Automann-TV!