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Chevy Colorado, V-led Switchback White/Amber

Sing Credit: Switchfoot, The Sound (John M. Perkins' Blues). Off the new Hello Hurricane Album. Nov 10th 2009 Ok, a few days ago I placed comments and questions about white LED vs red LED in our tailights, etc. Well, I purchased the TYPE 2 DUAL COLOR CHANGING HID 6K WHITE AMBER SWITCHBACK 92 M-SMT 3157 from v-leds.com and replaced my rear turn signals/parking lights with them. The video is not the best quality to show the true color difference but its ok. Basically the parking lights are look red and when the signals are on, it changes to amber... even through the red lens. I also put the HID WHITE 6 LED 2825 lights in for my license plate lights. And put SUPER HID WHITE 9 LED LIGHT BULBS 921 912 in for my work lights and 3rd brake light. I of course got the resisters and I did not think about taking the pictures of the install of the mount plates, etc. I will be updating the Brake/Tail lights with the all white version of the HID 92 M-SMT lights later so maybe I will get pictures then. I also plan on changing out my amber light up front to the AMBER 92 M-SMT Led as well. But now here is my video.


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V-LED Switchback LEDs
V-LED Switchback LED bulbs installed in my 2003 Tacoma Truck. These replace the turn signal bulbs in the bumper. The stock bulbs normally only light as turn signals. These bulbs let them operate as driving lights (mostly for looks) and turn signals. The bulbs are from V-LED. The exact ones I used were here (no longer a valid link) http://www.v-leds.com/Exterior-LED/Turn-Signal-LED/White-LED/SWACK-TYPE-2-D UAL-COLOR-p7431626.html I looked around the VLED website for an equivalent bulb and it looks like this one would be the newer version. http://www.vleds.com/bulb/3157-3156-led/switchback-led/5k-type-2-dual-color -changing-white-amber-switchback-42-high-power-led-turn-signal-bulbs-3157-c k-type-base-1-pair-b-o.html I have not tried it as my switchback bulbs are still working great. I did a how to article at Tacoma World on this. http://www.tacomaworld.com/forum/1st-gen-tacomas/85986-1st-gen-turn-signals -running-lights-switchback-leds-how.html

V-LEDS New Dual Color SwitchBack LEDs
This new design allows you to have a white fog/driving circuit and your choice of Amber Blue Red or Green auxiliary circuit. Now you can have that HID white look you want and add a whole new dimension to your lighting array with just the flip of a switch!

2005 chevy colorado (with a nice surprise)
this truck has had a couple new little things to it.... such as a LS2 corvette engine

V-leds license plate light
BADASS light from vleds

V LED Turn Signals
Just a quick video of my new V-LED turn signals. Just before getting them I took apart my headlights, painted the interior housing black, and took out the amber corners so they are totally clear. Thanks patriciomunoz for your DIY video. :) Kind of a crappy video since the passenger side wedge bulb is out, and the driver side one should be out because its a nasty filament bulb giving off yellow light. I have a pair LED replacements for those on the way, I just didn't want to wait for them to come in before making this video lol. So back to the turn signals. They are V-LEDS type 2 dual color switchbacks (92 m-smt). A little pricey but I found a great deal on this pair. Yeah after turning the hazards off the passenger side turns back to white a split second faster than the driver side one but its no big deal to me. I did not have to install any resistors to get these to work right, lucky me! Enjoy.

Audi matrix-beam led lighting in Audi A8 & S8 Explained / Audi Matrix LED-Scheinwerfer
Audi revolutionäre LED-Technik : Audi Matrix LED-Scheinwerfer Audi Matrix LED headlight Subscribe for free here : http://www.youtube.com/user/TheAudiEnthusiast?sub_confirmation=1 For latest Audi news, click here : http://adf.ly/6068698/audi Topic - Audi

colorado 7 HID 6000k

Colorado Has A New Light On Life
Installed a all red 3rd brake light from a colorado work truck. Factory for most is red middle with clear ends. Also Installed TYC Red LED Tails.

Crazy Lights LED indirect lighting for the ceiling.
Installed 4 strings of LED crazy lights on the back of the crown molding in the tray of our sunrooom. These are awesome for the money. Comes with a power supply and a controller that has 132 different patterns on it. Just stuck them to the back side of the crown molding with some 3M double sided tape. You can get these from a company called ledlightshack.com.

63 LED 3157 bulb vs standard 3157 filament bulb- 2009 F150
63 LED 3157 replacement bulb vs the standard filament 3157 style.

V-LEDS Switchback 02 Trans am
V-LEDS Type 1 Dual color changing HID White Amber switchback 60 M-SMT Turn signal bulbs 3157. * Just make sure you change out your flasher relay module before putting these in. You can get one at auto zone or discout auto for like 12 bucks. Tridon Model EL12

My 2006 Chevy Colorado Z71
*****truck is sold***** 2006 Chevy Colorado Z71 Crew Cab 3.5L I-5 Automatic Flo-Pro Max Muffler and exhuast tip Single exhuast Lund Fast Back Cab Fairing SuperModulation White 60LED SSLD2 signals with a custom touch Mountain View Pistons Car Club www.355nation.net

Spyder Auto Installation: 2004-2012 Chevrolet Colorado Euro-Style Tail Lights
This video features a walkthrough of how to install a set of Spyder Auto tail lights on 2004-2012 Chevrolet Colorado models. This video will guide you through the process of how to install the tail lights and offers other helpful tips throughout to facilitate a successful installation.

2009 Toyota Camry SE LED Front Switchback and Rear Turn Signals
Video of all my LEDs go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pk7wmi5VI-g ** IMPORTANT: For the safety of you, your passengers, civilians and other drivers, DO NOT skimp on brightness or cost. They need to be visible and bright during the day. I paid $55 for the front and $50 for the rear. Red/Amber are legal. White is usually not allowed. Check with your state laws. ** This video shows my front and rear turn signals. I originally replaced the original DENSO flasher module that is behind the instrument cluster with an electronic LED flasher module (Do-It-Yourself (DIY) link below). This prevents hyper flashing or bulb out warning. Only drawback with replacing the flasher module is that you lose the parking flash confirmation. In other words, when you lock/unlock (arm/disarm) the door with the buttons on the keyfob, the parking lights will not flash. I also lost my hazards when no key was in the ignition. I ended up installing load resistors (1 load resistor for each side for front and rear) but requires you to tap into the factory wiring. Front turn signals (3157/3457) - http://www.v-leds.com/Exterior-LED/Turn-Signal-LED/White-LED/SWACK-TYPE-2-D UAL-COLOR-p6204097-1-2.html They are switchback LEDs. When parking lights are on, lights are white. When hazards or turn signals are used, the white will turn to amber and back to white when turn signals or hazards are no longer in use. To access the bulbs, you'll have to go through your wheel well. You'll have to remove two clips and pull the wheel well cover back and stick your hands in. Rear turn signals (7440/7443) - http://www.v-leds.com/Exterior-LED/Parking-Light-LED/Amber-LED/2-AMBER-7443 -V-LEDS-7W-p6634404-1-2.html They are regular amber LEDs. You can access them through your trunk. To prevent hyper flashing or bulb out warnings for the turn signals, you'll need to either replace the flasher module with a LED flasher module or install load resistors that splices factory wiring. - Electronic LED Flasher Module - (1) CF18-08 - http://superbrightleds.com/cgi-bin/store/commerce.cgi?product=CAR#FL-889 - Load Resistor - (1 for each side. 1 load resistor will work for front and rear on the same side) 3ohm 50W 4 LED - http://www.v-leds.com/BlinkerWarning-Fix/Turn-Signal-Fix/3-OHM-50W-4-BULB-L ED-p5679822-1-2.html For a Master List of LEDs Bulb Sizes & DIY/Tutorials for Interior/Exterior Lights for Gen 6/6.5 (2007-2010) Camry's or Gen 5/5.5 (2003-2006) Camry's visit my thread @ http://www.toyotanation.com/forum/showthread.php?t=299364 More pictures and information about my ride such as LEDs, mods and to BUY cathode trunk light kit, go to http://www.cardomain.com/ride/3144992

the first and last time i do this in my colorado. burnout

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