Chevy Colorado, V-led Switchback White/Amber

Sing Credit: Switchfoot, The Sound (John M. Perkins' Blues). Off the new Hello Hurricane Album. Nov 10th 2009 Ok, a few days ago I placed comments and questions about white LED vs red LED in our tailights, etc. Well, I purchased the TYPE 2 DUAL COLOR CHANGING HID 6K WHITE AMBER SWITCHBACK 92 M-SMT 3157 from and replaced my rear turn signals/parking lights with them. The video is not the best quality to show the true color difference but its ok. Basically the parking lights are look red and when the signals are on, it changes to amber... even through the red lens. I also put the HID WHITE 6 LED 2825 lights in for my license plate lights. And put SUPER HID WHITE 9 LED LIGHT BULBS 921 912 in for my work lights and 3rd brake light. I of course got the resisters and I did not think about taking the pictures of the install of the mount plates, etc. I will be updating the Brake/Tail lights with the all white version of the HID 92 M-SMT lights later so maybe I will get pictures then. I also plan on changing out my amber light up front to the AMBER 92 M-SMT Led as well. But now here is my video.

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Evo 8 Custom LED DRL Headlights by zLEDs
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Strobing LED Reverse Lights and 7443-R3W Strobing LED WLED-xHP-STRB Tail/Brake Lights on a Mazda R6
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2005 Chevy Colorado resonator box delete Mod 2013
delete the old smog box, gain some MPG! stock 21.5mpg (91 octane.) resonator box delete, 22.51mpg (89 octane) Colorado 3.5L straight 5 with larger off-road tires and 4:11 gearing.

chevy colorado led lights
Chevy colorado w/ 6000k HID's after market halo headlights led turn and back up lights