mio 180cc UBK batangas racing circuit

scooter race @ batangas racing circuit

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Mio Bore Up 300cc VS Satria 2Tak 00cc Race (Sesions02)

Race Motor Rebuild
Trying to style my videos like user Tobyeo. He has a lot of dirtbike rebuild and riding videos. Check him out if you like this video. This is a rebuild video. Just something fun for me. Not a how to. Creative Commons music was used.

Scooter vs Underbone Cub Racing: MIO EGO vs SNIPER 135 LC on marilaque racing circuit
HD QUALITY HERE ◄ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQ6BPz4bQjY&t=30s&hd=1 a MOTOGP BATTLE :D scooter underbone edition. This is a video of monster riders of yamaha mio and yamaha sniper 135lc or jupiter mx versus yamaha ego on a marilaque racing circuit. video courtesy of Jett victorino http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIM88HVoSWKHqtaD1eDiZuA

Ducati 848 vs Yamaha mio 300cc bore up in 300 m track
Yamaha mio 0.15 seconds faster than Ducati 848 in track 300 meters, is because the mio easier to launch because it has little power compared to the Ducati 848 which has far greater power, but the story would be different if the track 300meters long. ..but it must also be recognized if Mio is the fastest bike in its class