Volvo 121 amazon -69

Volvo 121 amazon with a tuned b20 with dual dellorto 45 putting out 150hp.. just some clips put together...

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Volvo 121 amazon trimmad!
My volvo 121 amazon with the new engine.. weber 45, kg-5 kam,does almost 100km/h in second and revving close to 7000rpm

Volvo Amazon 122S Ruddspeed
Volvo Ruddspeed blipping up, with new Ruddspeed replica Exhaust fitted. Sounds just right!

Volvo Amazon taken for a spin
Just took my old volvo out for a spin

Volvo Amazon Combi -69 start
Kaverin Amazonin käynnistys n 10 vuoden seisonnan jälkeen My friend's Amazon start after standing 10 years