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Dodge Deluxe Fluid Drive 1948 For Sale in Ireland

UPDATE! CAR IS NO LONGER FOR SALE.....Beautiful example of a much cherished Dodge Saloon with the famous 'Fluid Drive' 3 speed which made for effortless driving. Coupled to a 3.8 litre V6 engine which gave it the power it needed. This car is in fantastic condition having had a restoration in the late 90's in Canada where it came from and where it spent most of its life until coming to Ireland in 2004 and where it continued to be pampered by never being left outside once hence the complete absence of rust. The car is in its original cream paint called 'Panama Sand' which sums it up when you see it in the flesh. One of the outstanding features on the car are it's double 'Suicide Doors' which would make many a Rolls Royce wedding car driver green with envy as if ever a car was made for weddings then it has to be this one! The space in the rear has to be seen to be believed.


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Unrestored 1949 Dodge
Unrestored, 1949 Dodge with 64,000 original miles. Saw it yesterday at Equinox. It's actually a 1948, sold as a 1949.

This is a plum of an example of not only a post-war Chrysler but of an original survivor that is unrestored. It does have a rebuilt L-head six, 250 cid with 114 hp. Chrysler models this year consisted of the Royal, Windsor, Saratoga, New Yorker, Town & Country, and at the top, the Crown Imperial. Barely any changes of detail are apparent on this '47from a '46. This was common practice with car makers after the war because demand for wheels was so urgent there was no desire to perform updates or improvements. There were several models under the Windsor banner: 2 and 4 sedans, club coupe, business coupe, convertible coupe, and 8 passenger four door sedan, and limo. This massive 3,528 lb. behemouth rides on a 121.5 wheelbse and cost $1,711 at the dealer. Total production of Chryslers this year was 119,260 units which put Chrysler in industry sales of 9th place. This is a great find of an original survivor. The paint is dinged, faded, scratched, while all chrome is good as well as the interior. The owner had a " Spitfire " engine rebuilt so it could make his Chrysler roadworthy. What a find and pleasure for me to find. Thanks very much for viewing this 1947 Chrysler Windsor 4-door sedan.

1942 Dodge Deluxe 4 Door Sedan
This is a short video that I recorded of my 1942 Dodge when I first got it. It was pretty complete but missing a lot of paint. The car was parked in a rural garage since 1965 prior to my aquisition in 1997.

1948 Plymouth: Hop in for a quick ride!
1948 Plymouth Special Deluxe two door Club Coupe all original. Going for a quick spin, pulling a hill in third gear and then turning a tight circle in second gear.

The New Dodge for 1942 featuring dare devil Jimmie Lynch
Dodge promotional film showing the dependability, durability and new improvments of the New Dodge. Jimmie Lynch puts the car through many torture tests including leaps and the death roll.

1948 Dodge Two Door Coupe Grn ZH022213
There was a lot of communality of design for Plymouth, Dodge, DeSoto and Chrysler during this immediate post-war period. Each make had its own engine lineup, flathead 6's and 8's. Dodge just offered a flathead 6. This Dodge had Fluid Drive, and according to the owner, Gyromatic, Dodge's name for its semi-automatic transmission. There were 4 forward gears, two ranges, and shifting between the two speeds in each range was accomplished by letting up on the gas pedal. You had to use the clutch to select the range, so it wasn't totally clutchless driving. You can see that this car has really been well restored, and the upholstery really has that luxurious look! You'll notice how big a part the grille played in vehicle identification...you could quickly tell the difference among the makes at Chrysler Corporation by getting a quick look at the grille...and of course, the tailights helped!

Here's another example of a post-war car with warmed over styling. Most all car manuacturers were basically starting over with car production after contributing to the war effort. Huge demand for cars prompted companies to just make products as fast as they can. So, Chryslr, De Soto, Dodge and Plymouth were virtually unchanged until 1949. This Windsor model, which was second from the bottom of the Chrysler level still had the 251 cid six cylinder with 114 bhp. The levels of Chrysler products started with the Royal, then Windsor, Saratoga, New Yorker, Town and Country, and at the top the Crown Imperial. This Windsor model had a 121 inch wheelbase and produced 161,139 copies. Body styles were the 2 and 4 dr. sedans, club coupe, business coupe, Convertible coupe, Traveller 4 dr. sedan, 8 passenger 4 dr. sedan, and the 8 passenger limo. The suicide doors continue as well as the spacious cabin. Look at how much room there is in the back seat area to the front seat. Talk about room for legs. Thanks very much for viewing this 1948 Chrysler Windsor four door sedan.

1947 Plymouth Businessman's Coupe
Car Guy Channels Car of the Week: Gene's 1947 Businessman's Coupe has been restored and updated to make it a fun everyday driver.

Utilisation de la boite de vitesse fluid drive sur Dodge D24 custom 1948
balade dans ma dodge de 1948 avec boite de vitesse semi automatique fluid drive.

Chrysler Introduces Fluid Drive Transmissions 1940
See Chrysler's on the road demonstrating Fluid Drive. According to Wikipedia. Fluid Drive is the trademarked name that Chrysler Corporation assigned to a transmission driveline combination offered from 1939 through 1953 in Chryslers, 1940 through 1953 in DeSotos, and from 1941 through 1954 in Dodge models. The fluid drive element was a hydraulic coupling inserted in place of the flywheel, and performed the same function as a modern torque converter, only without torque multiplication. A conventional clutch and three-speed or four-speed manual transmission was installed behind the fluid coupling, although a semi-automatic was optional from 1941 for Chrysler and DeSoto and from 1949 for Dodge. Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fluid_Drive

Dodge History

Chevrolet Fleetline lowrider BOMB
Chevrolet Fleetline Lowrider BOMB at pomona swap meet ,riding low n slow !!!!!!!! www.legends-garage.com

1949 Dodge Wayfarer: Gangster Style - /BIG MUSCLE
Black paint, steel wheels and a look and feel that any high ranking mobster would kill for. This is the 1949 Dodge Wayfarer and unbeknownst to some, it's one of the coolest old school hot-rods we've ever seen. Owner Dan Zuccaro has taken a vehicle with humble roots and transformed it into a superb driver, show stopper and bad-ass street rod that steals the show wherever it goes.

Post of a video of my 1947 Dodge that had been delated at some point

1949 Plymouth Special Deluxe 4 Door Sedan Gray
This car represented the first restyle of Plymouth after the war. Indeed..there was a 49 Plymouth that was a continuation of the style of the 1948 car...this was introduced several months later. Notable was the key start of the car..a first for Plymouth, and new but conservative styling. Lots of chrome!

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