Dodge Deluxe Fluid Drive 1948 For Sale in Ireland

UPDATE! CAR IS NO LONGER FOR SALE.....Beautiful example of a much cherished Dodge Saloon with the famous 'Fluid Drive' 3 speed which made for effortless driving. Coupled to a 3.8 litre V6 engine which gave it the power it needed. This car is in fantastic condition having had a restoration in the late 90's in Canada where it came from and where it spent most of its life until coming to Ireland in 2004 and where it continued to be pampered by never being left outside once hence the complete absence of rust. The car is in its original cream paint called 'Panama Sand' which sums it up when you see it in the flesh. One of the outstanding features on the car are it's double 'Suicide Doors' which would make many a Rolls Royce wedding car driver green with envy as if ever a car was made for weddings then it has to be this one! The space in the rear has to be seen to be believed.

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Utilisation de la boite de vitesse fluid drive sur Dodge D24 custom 1948
balade dans ma dodge de 1948 avec boite de vitesse semi automatique fluid drive.

1948 Dodge fluid Drive after completion

The Construction of a Fluid Drive Coupling
Watch the major components of a fluid drive come together. The parts for this animation were drawn in SolidWorks and converted to POV-Ray. The image sequence was build into a video by VirtualDub. Go to for more information about fluid drives.

1947 Dodge Fluid Drive
1947 dodge fluid drive. What a nice daily driver. Suicide doors, sun shade visor, tinted windows,front and rear wing windows, all exterior chrome in great condition along with mostly original interior. Looksas if seats and door panels where refurbished in the past most likely during pervious ownership. Paint is in good shape with some expected blemishes being a daily drive through out its live. Well mainted undercarriage, and refurbished I-line 6. Car fires right off and shift smoothly. Brakes are in good functioning order. Lighting works with a on and of speedo. Seems to work but does move around. Older speed cable posible original. Windows are functional, doors open and close smoothly. White wallsTires have good tread and hold air, skirts are in good working order and can be easily taken on and off. Trunk has minor surface rust bit is still solid with no holes. Body is in solid condition and has been well preserved over the decades. Engine compartment has been cleaned and touch up along good fluids. This one is ready to enjoy and personalize to your liking. For the collector out there adding to their collection, What a great Unique piece. Will send videos and addition pictures once we have made Verbal contact. Thanks for check out this 1924 DB. Brian Wilson. 425-931-6448 Visit: