1985 Chevy Chevette Commercial

From some old Betamax Tapes I found in my Bacement. It's fun to look back sometimes.

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1983 Chevrolet commercial
"taking charge" Cavalier and diesel Chevette

1976 Chevrolet Chevette - original commercial
This isn't an import - it's a Chevrolet Chevette. Check out our old print ad gallery http://www.carsandstripes.com/ads/

Chevy Chevette Commercial (1979)
"A lot of car for the money." Chevrolet commercial featuring the "Chevy Chevette." The spokesperson is Peter Tomarken. Spot aired in January, 1979 (produced in 1978). *Visit BionicDisco.com for 1970s pop culture fun.* Fair Use. No copyright infringement is intended. Posted for museum purposes only.

Unbelievable in a Chevette
Kevin does work on his 1985 Chevy Chevette, So Pleasant