1969 Corvette L71/L89 ride along

427 auto 4.56 11.58 @ 122.16

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4000hp CORVETTE TAKES FLIGHT !!! Tulsa Raceway Park
One of the most INSANE drag racing passes we have filmed in the last 17 years. Daniel Pharris driving Andrew Alepa's beautiful Twin turbo Corvette -vs- Brandon Pesz during the Radial Revenge event at Tulsa Raceway Park. Driver was out and OK but the car took a brutal hit. It looks like it could have been much worse if the front clip had not peeled off mid flight.

1969 CorvetteL88 ride along
427 4speed 4.56 11.43 @ 125.50

Truck 50 *Ride Along*
Truck 50 responding to an investigation inside. Chief 54 arrived and found a unoccupied dwelling with the smoke detectors sounding. After a few minutes of looking inside, and trying to find a way in (since the doors were locked), the homeowner showed up to let us in. No problem was found, and the alarm was chalked up to be a faulty detector, and Truck 50 and Engine 54-2 returned. Willow Street Fire Company. Taken 10/9/17. Truck 50 is a 2003 Pierce Dash. http://wsfc512.com

69 Yenko Camaro first drive - blows tires loose through 3rd gear without trying
I finnally have my Yenko Camaro put back together with the new Drivetrain, the BBC makes a little over 500Hp and 550TQ, with a M21 4-Speed and 4.10 Posi..in a car that weighs 3500lbs...Needless to say the car is an animal and super fun to drive! This is really the first time I have jumped on the car hard 3/4 throttle, I have been breaking in the engine in and figured I would video the first of Many big burnouts : )