Zetec running 32/36 twin choke

My mate car running sound sweet.

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Killer Customs: The Bruise 1st start on the zetec
First start on the blacktop, ignition map needs altering and the bike carb jets going up a size or two. Pretty pleased, 1st turn of the key! More images at http://www.kilmartin.it/cgi-bin/gallery

Zetec black top EEC-V ECU + Pats running out of the car.MP4
Zetec EEC-V ECU running pats first starting Installation into VW camper http://www.vwkd.com/bb/viewtopic.php?t=3525&highlight=

Anglia 2.0 16valve i4 on Blackbird Carbs, Fast Road Cams etc 13.9 - 1/4 mile
Anglia 2.0 16 valve i4 on Blackbird Carbs, fast road cams etc, with Me at the wheel this time, I did a 13.9 quarter mile :-) not bad for a first attempt in someone elses car :-)

2.0 Zetec Suzuki GSXR throttle bodies Megasquirt
2.0 Zetec Suzuki throttle bodies GKD Evolution Kit Car